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📷 by #myemptybliss: Poverty I - Don’t worry about telling us who you are anymore. Just tell yourself, and the right ‘us’ will hear it too 👥 - oxiegoeimi ( #inferno) #clarity 11.1 🦁🏳🔐💙 remember to always trust #nature 🌲 #Healer 🔥 #Spirit 🕊 #hope ⚜️ #grace ☔️ #love 🌸 #life 🌊 #unity 🌈 #believe 💝 #weareone ✂️🕚🎶 #energy #Reiki #prayer #meditation #freelove #hereandhereafter #dream #vision #Eternity #paradise #nirvana #heaven #story #writing manifestation #passion #create #coexist together 💜🌠🌅🌟
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Wulfenite Crystal from Mexico $ 53 This lovely little specimen of Wulfenite crystal from the Eruption Mine (Ahumada Mine), Los Lamentos Mts, Mun. de Ahumada, Chihuahua, Mexico is waiting to find a crystal and mineral collection to join… is it yours? Wulfenite is a crystal found most often in reds to oranges to orange-yellow and is therefore associated with the lower chakras, specifically the sacral and solar plexus. It is said to harmonize emotions and helps one get in touch with them. It is known as a grounding stone and has been used to clear emotional blockages and gets blocked energy moving again.  Search  SKU "225026" in  our eBay store
Do you want to help those people? Do you want to save those people? Do you want to help and save yourself? Being miserable in a soul-sucking job is no way to spend many, many more years of your life, when you could be living an amazing life now and helping others in the process. Your dream may be to become a health coach, or develop a crisis hotline app, or write a book that tells the story of how you escaped an abusive relationship that could inspire others to do the same? Why are you holding yourself back from this kind of fulfilling work that will make a difference in the world? Here’s why... because of years of emotional conditioning that make you respond to taking this kind of career leap as a threat. Also, you may not be as clear on what exactly it is you want to bring forth to the world as a career or business, but you know you can’t keep going in the job you are in now and want to help others. All of the above is what I can help you with as a Transformation Coach, and right now I’m excited to announce that I am offering a bonus 4-week Discover program to help you gain clarity and set the foundation to make this type of career transformation. See my latest IGTV to learn more, and visit to apply now! It’s time to help those people and to say say yes to yourself. Discover what’s possible! . . #savelives #helpothers #release #soul #career #careerchange #leavethesoulsuckingjob #bringforthagifttotheworld #makeadifference #startabusiness #business #entrepreneur #dream #clarity #foundation #discover #discoverwhatspossible #transformation #serve #sayyestoyourself #motivation #inspiration #emotion #response #coach #coaching #lifecoach #transformationcoach #corynquester #corynquestercoaching
Fasting once per month not only strengthens your body, it also strengthens your mind. I’m wrapping up day one of a three day fast after a very intense day of giving to others. Although I’m a little tired physically, mentally...I’m clear AF! If you don’t fast regularly, you’re missing out on some mental clarity that is unmatched, IG! 💜 #FastingMatters #ThreeDayFast #Clarity #Detox #HealthIsWealth
A moment to reflect as the wheel turns on this autumn equinox, the days slowing down and energy moving back into the ground. What an incredible summer this has been. So many dreams coming true. So much to give thanks for. As I sit on the hilltop sounded by redwoods and autumn colours, I’m looking forward with inspiration and hope to the next big project. In the words of the Page of Cups, “The Page of Cups’ appearance tells you to never stop listening to your intuition and believing in your dreams.... Dare to dream and all things become possible”. #pageofcups #autumnequinox #dreamscometrue #californianadventure #inspirationalroadtrip #soulalignment #clarity #listentothetrees #plantconsciousness #fibershed #bristolcloth #closedloopsystem #thefutureisgreen
Working hard is the one and only variable of success that we can control. Be clarity and hustle for your goal. #clarity #workhard #hustle
Everyday is a constant refining of exactly what it is. The manifestations have gone from general overload of everything to very precise blessings now. If you truly mastered your thoughts and pay very close attention to what you speak into existence, you would be absolutely amazed.. Nothing short of miraculous.... hence we are the generator of all that comes into our reality. Oh the power of belief! #clarity #refining #sharpening #honing #speakintoexistence #trusttheprocess #abundance #manifestation #anythingiwant #belief #powerwithin #weareallsource
When you low-key had one of your best weeks this 2018 and can’t help but smile. • Things flow different when you align yourself with the right people and make some major adjustments to create a morning routine that will boost productivity and give better structure to each day. • Earlier this week I talked about a little about the importance of self-discipline which is an important key factor that continue to work on along with the guidance and support from Friends, Mentors and coaches. • The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people can never be emphasized enough. In order to continue to grow we must surround ourself with people whose core values are aligned with ours, people who lend support and encouragement, people who have a vision and inspire us, people we can learn from. • • I have been allow myself to meditate more each day, take time to visualize and practice affirmations. I read a couple of amazing books in the last couple of weeks, one called “the War of Art” which I highly recommend to those looking into grasping a better understanding of why it’s important to chance certain habits to create a better foundation to develop new habits and become a “Pro”. Also I started writing in my journal every day. • When we intentionally choose to make changes and take action on it, the Universe aligns with heart’s desire to pursue our calling and conspires to help reach our potential. Growth.