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The BIGGEST COST you will ever have in your life, period is NOT taking action. . If I have learnt anything from working with all the amazing clients I get to be apart of their wonderful journeys is that when action is not taken: . Missions are left unfulfilled. . Money is left on the table. . Relationships are left to neglect. . Dreams are allowed to float away. . Joy, happiness and time are all stolen. . Why is this even important? . Because we have one life and you should want to ride it until the wheels fall off and not regret all the things or the one thing you didn't do. . Whether that is building a new you with greater self-belief and confidence, conquering limiting beliefs and anxiety, starting or scaling that business, going to the next level in your career, re-building your marriage or relationship, getting into the best health and shape of your life, making time and space for your long treasured aspirations all so you can live your best life, be the best example for your children and contribute to the world the way you want to. . I have helped my clients with all of the above, all is possible. . But if you don't have the bravery, support or push you need to achieve those things, ask yourself what is it costing you staying as you are and not getting the help and road map? . If you know you need to do something about your situation, about the way your life is shaping out for you and your family and just for yourself, make the choice and just say yes to yourself. . There is only a simple difference between those that are on the path they want to be and those that are not. . It is so simple that many people do not realise the power in it. . You need to make the choices and decisions that your future self would make, saying yes to the things that the woman you want to become would say yes to even if you are scared in your current reality. . If you do not start, thinking, behaving and choosing like the highest version of yourself, there is a guarantee that you will remain the same in 1,3,5 or 10 years the same as you are today. . Make aecision today for yourself, to make your Friday self scream 'hell yea you did this!'
🎶🎁💎 'tis the season for a (5-carat) tennis bracelet 🎁🎶💎 #diamondsbypicho
When the #Joy arrives, you know not when, your eyes well, your heart soars, and life is #real on a level we rarely dream, let alone know. And #chasingyourdreams is in #thatmoment found. Another sign and stop along with #pain and #upsanddowns of #KeepShowingUp * Click Subscribe, Join me * * * * * * * * * * * * #certainty #lesscomfortmorelife #resilient #liveforthis #nevereasy #itispossible #thinker #freethinker #ikigai #writing #intense #risktaker #philosopher #ruggedlyhandsome #clarity #filmmaker #film #actor #screenwriter #indiefilm #poet
Tips for the Holiday ♥️ ♥️ Create yourself a TO - BE - LIST ♥️
“Seek and ye shall find” is part of a bible verse. Are you seeking what you are looking for? Or.... Are you just thinking and hoping? Are you expecting to just come to you one day? Are you hoping that someone else will give it to you? Get clear on what it is that you WANT. We all know EXACTLY what we DON’T want and we set that on repeat in our thinking. Your subconscious mind DOES NOT process and understand the negative. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant and order what you don’t want. You are actually very precise on what and how you want your meal or a drink. And... you get exactly what you ordered. This applies to traveling, shopping, and many other things we engage ourselves with. We look for what we want and we go get them, right? Why aren’t we doing just that in our lives? ::We are conditioned to think the negatives. ::We hear the word NO more times than anything else as we are growing up. :: The people around us are quick to judge not praise. They forget the good you do but remember the one mistake you made. Only you can choose to have clarity for yourself. Only you can choose to change your thinking. Only you can choose to seek to find what you are looking for. What are you seeking and why? What meaning do you attach to it? Find the true purpose of that and you will have the resilience to take the journey. #seekandyoushallfind #clarity #mindset #leadership #coaching #journey #entrepreneurship #momlife #atlanta #startwithwhy #responsibility #intentionalliving #success #goals #inspiration #onlyyou #leadyourself #purpose
Put your lessons to work and heal those old wounds of I can’t, I shouldn’t, I don’t know how. You can, You can, You can.