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When you begin to relive all of your favorite memories... and then you realize how different you’ve become since then.
Once in a while I say 'fuck it' and go into the mountains, have some fun on the bike and challenge myself, just a bit more. Otherwise what's the point? Then I come back to a stretchy lovable asshole cat. And she awaits for me right next to the door, every time I get back. There's no way I finish my shower without her falling asleep like a log. 15 minutes after I fall asleep, the national drift championships are on the way in our home, with only one participant and one winner. A stretchy lovable asshole cat. What else?! #nature #natureporn #cloudporn #bikeride #biketrip #mountains #romania #bucegi #cat #catsofinstagram #fuckthestatusquo #independentcat