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Rest day and I'm putting the kids to work while this momma recovers and prepares for week 2 of her new fitness program. Week 1 was awesome and I'm down 5.6lbs and 10.5 inches....👍💪🏻😲. Couldn't have had a better start and it's given me the motivation to power on through and keep going. I'd hoped this program would help me achieve the results I've been craving for years and so far it's looking positive. I know there's still a long way to go but I'm in this, I'm committed and I'm obsessed! Here I come week 2 and if anyone else needs a massage I'm hiring my son out for the rest of the day and his rates are very reasonable 😂💙. #restday #80dayobsession #imobsessed #coachlife #familylife #lazysundays #beachbody #beachbodycoach Link in the bio if you're looking to change and see real results too 😍
Just one simple decision can change your life. I turned my own health & fitness journey into a business...a business where I help people transform their lives physically, emotionally & now financially.
— This time 6 years ago, I was a newly qualified personal trainer. I took a complete 180 on the career path & said YES to an opportunity that scared me, challenged me, took me way out of my comfort zone but I knew one thing - I wanted to help people like I had been helped. I set up my little personal training & group fitness business and life was good. —
Then we moved 150 miles away & EVERYTHING changed. Within 3 months, I had gone from having a successful business to no clients. My shiny new flat had turned into a house of horrors & I had gone from having a bunch of amazing galpals to barely knowing anyone. I picked up an injury so couldn’t workout & generally life didn’t feel super awesome. — January 2017 hit and I promised myself that I would finally get back to a life that was fulfilling & I knew it had to start with my attitude so I swore that I would work a little everyday on myself - physically and mentally. And I set to work. — In Oct. 2017 I finally found what I had been searching for. A whole community who were doing the same thing as me with health and fitness at at it’s core AND the opportunity to build a business. I went ALL IN and said yes - why not, right?! — Here I am just a few short months later in the best shape I have been in since 2013. I get to spend my days helping other people get healthy & in the best shape of their lives, physically & mentally, & I get paid for it. And FYI, I’m usually doing it in my pj’s on my sofa. Oh and did I mention that I LOVE my boss - she’s kind of awesome! 😉 — That little half an hour that I decided to invest in myself every day has turned my life around more than I ever thought it could! — WHY NOT YOU? Message me info or link in bio!
Rest day means you take a break from the program and relax your mind and get ready for the following week. Sunday’s are a day that most use to prep their food! Prep their mind for the week to come. And schedule the week but today I took it upon myself to rest my mind by getting a sweat on! Going into the zone and putting last week behind me and not really thinking about next week is the perfect way for me to enjoy this “rest day”! A good run is always my go to..... now to enjoy this amazing Sunday !! #momoffour #needabreak #joinme #coachlife #restday #nicedayforarun
Sometimes days can feel monotanous, and one can feel themselves settling into a rut. Wake up, work, home, dinner, chores, sleep, repeat. It's important that we open our eyes to the beautiful things around us. They are there we just have to be willing to look for them. We even have the power to create marvelous things whenever we want. They don't have to be huge earth shattering events. Drive home on the back road. Get out of bed a few minutes late so you can snuggle with that special someone. Actually enjoy the sunrise, or sunset. Remember that your life is yours.  We shouldn’t always rely on exterior things to make us happy. We all have, within us, the power to make our own happiness at any time. Make sure to make this time for yourself. . . . . #healthychoices #progressnotperfection #coachlife #momofboys #mytribe #werisebyliftingothers #fitmom #whynotme #whynotyou #freegroup #stopyourscroll #busierschedules #yogaflow #cardio #liftingweights #itsalifestyle #fitfamfun #coach #realtalk #fitmum #mummy #uk #ukcoach #stepoutsideyourcomfortzone #nogymforme
✔️David’s Tea “hot chocolate” tea ✔️fuzzy blanky ✔️team call I’m not sure which of those three warms my heart more!❤️ Have I told y’all how much I love my job lately? #TEAMFULLHEART
You will always win if you really want it. 🔥
Recipe for growth:-) Daily video 10❌ your business and life‼️
This is 6 days of progress. 💥 This is my coach @fitleahk and you can see the commitment she has made to our abs and booty home workouts. 🍍 I definitely had a few non-compliant meals this week, but I’m getting back on track and going all in this week. I HOPE I’ll be able to see a difference at the end of the week.🙌🏼 This is proof these home workouts really bring you amazing results. It’s not too late to join! Link in bio or comment below 👇🏼
Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself! #coachlife
Good morning IG 🙆🏽‍♀️. Pretty awesome waking up to this and finally starting to piece together a side I know nothing about. Thanks babe for helping me find what I’m made of! . . . . I hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday and is ready to grind and reach those goals this week 💪🏾