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My mission in life... To emanate love at such a high degree that my energy projects and inspires love in all beings around me. The other night while taking care of some work at @ecco_pizzashoppe some friends came to join me. @kim_tabay (pictured on my left) was bartending. I grabbed for my phone to snap some photos with my friends and the girl to my right (who I’ve never met, nor do I even know her name) jumped in and said “Can I take a picture with you?! I want to be in your picture!” I wasn’t planning on a selfie until she came along. Her joy was infectious 🥰 See... No matter how much I want to be the source of love, I can only magnetize a vibrational equivalent. Meaning: I’m only as much love as those around me, and vice versa. She showed me that WE, our tribe, we putting out some powerful vibes. Vibes that she too was projecting. And while many of you still want to blame the world around you for getting you down...just know...for the world to change, you FIRST must change. When you allow yourself to be what you want FROM the world, you’ll attract more people and experiences that match your beingness. To this beautiful Goddess to jumped into a photo that would not have happened unless you spoke up...thank you for shining your light! The world is a better place BECAUSE your shine in it 🥰💖🙏🏼
🔥🔥Human Weapon Project🔥🔥 . w/ @angel_t_27 . ▶️▶️on Fri, Dec 14th◀️◀️ . By myself . . . What I’ve done today . 1. (30min) Swimming 👊Iron Man Triathlon👊 . 2. (15min) Skipping . 3. (30min) Stretching . 4. (40min) Cycling 👊Iron Man Triathlon👊 . 5. (10K) Running - Fast <48min> . 👊Iron Man Triathlon / Tough Mudder / Marathon👊 . . . . . . . 1st video - Skipping🔥🔥🔥 After 10min practice! . 2nd video - Last-minute running . 3rd video - Last-minute cycling . . . . . 👊Challenge the limitations of human abilities👊 . . . 🔥Consistency and discipline are the key🔥 . . #skipping
#Repost @_mauimachine • • • • • As 2018 closes, which is a definite bittersweet year for me. A lot of struggles to endure, but the success that came from it reminds me of how to feel alive. So many grateful events and opportunities that came and went and now I’m more solidified in my career choice as a coach. Yes, there’s not so much glamour to it, but the benefit of improving my own self, and at the same time building the technique in many others. Cheers to great times, and much love to those that believed in me.....all the time. #coachlife #bjjlifestyle #jiujitsu #muaythai #judo #sambo #grappling #mma #fightlife #abjjarmy #gbdiamondbar #graciebarra #tinguinhabjj #ufcfightpass #alaskafightingchampionship #xguardbrand
Pooja ma'am got started on the nutrition about a year ago... She has regained her lost energy, her stamina and strength . She has lost had good inch loss and her skin is getting younger day by day! She has become part of our Mission to help 10,000 people... As a reward for her efforts, she has received a body fat scanner from #Herbalife ! Congratulations, ma'am! You rock ! Keep going! #HerbalifeNutrition #bodyfatanalysis #greatNutrition #healthresults #HealthyActivelife #nutritionClub #amazingpeople #MissionHealthyIndia #ambassadors #emergingleaders #getFit #getaCoach #CoachLife #CoachJL #CoachJeeva
You know another cool thing about our bootcamp is we share cool apps to use. 😎 I had fun editing this. 💕 So back and biceps are done and if you saw in my insta story, you know I am watching designated survivor. So I’m going to go back to it. Have any of you watched it? What are your thoughts? {also, my resting face makes me look like I am pissed but really I am just counting down the reps in my head and focusing}