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Oh yes, it IS BOOTY DAY!! 🍑 I’ve got some booty pumping music going to motivate me and my crew to cheer me on to use heavier loops and correct my form 😉 🐾💕 Hey mommy is on the floor to I’m fair game to play! 🐾💕 . With this being Round 2, I DEFINITELY have to FOCUS more to make sure I’m not just going through the’s so easy to slack off when you know what’s coming....if you don’t do the WORK you won’t get the RESULTS! 😉 #transformationtuesday . . . . . #lifebydesign #coachlife #momoftwo #dogmomlife #pharmacist #noexcuses #tacotuesday #momofteenagers #bootygainz
While having one of those unexpected deep life chats with someone recently, they asked me, “are you ever scared of being so vulnerable?” I surprised myself by quickly answering with a confident, “nope.” Then, I got to journaling this morning. Maybe I’ve been avoiding situations that scare me when I’m most vulnerable? Not 100% sure, but it’s looking pretty likely. So, I’m dedicating this week to being a bit more vulnerable and confident in my meetings, coffee chats, and just about everywhere. Because, as I look back, all of the confidence I’ve gained has come from a distinct moment of vulnerability if I really look for it. Where can you be more vulnerable in your life this week?
No início quando decidimos morar juntos, eu e o André, sempre acordávamos para tomar café da manhã na cozinha. Um lindo dia, sem qualquer motivo especial o André preparou o café da manhã e levou até a nossa cama, eu despertei logo com o cheiro delicioso do café preto que invadiu o quarto. Que sensação maravilhosa tomar café na cama com ele e depois ficar ali mais 15/20 minutos agarradinhos planejando o dia. Aquela atitude me fez tão bem que eu precisava sentir aquela sensação mais uma vez. No dia seguinte me levantei antes dele despertar e foi a minha vez de acorda-lo com um café na cama, e no outro dia repeti o ato, e no outro foi a vez dele, no outro eu, no outro ele... e até hoje, todos os dias das nossas vidas acordamos um ao outro com café na cama. Foi o hábito mais incrível que instalamos na nossa rotina, e mesmo viajando, instalados nos melhores hotéis com o mais completo café da manhã, sempre comentamos a falta que nos faz esse nosso momento diário. Eu considero a rotina de grandíssima importância. Algumas pessoas tendem a associar rotina a coisas monótonas, sem mudança. Mas uma rotina familiar é indispensável para o crescimento contínuo. Esse nosso ato de “trocas de café da manhã” faz com que eu desperte com boas energias, bom humor, serenidade, e mal consigo explicar a paz que me invade quando adentro o quarto e vejo aqueles olhinhos abrindo e sorrindo quando me veem. Todas as emoções que iniciam meu dia são grandiosas, e essa pequena mudança faz com que todos os meus dias sejam especiais. Outra rotina que AMO na nossa casa é a hora do almoço e do jantar. Meus pais nunca tiveram o hábito de sentar-se à mesa para comer, cada um se servia e procurava um lugar preferido da casa para fazer sua refeição. Na sala, no quarto, enfim... sem julgamento! Cada um tem sua preferência, e eu escolhi a minha quando tinha 7 anos. A primeira vez que passei o dia na casa de uma amiga da escola pude compartilhar de um momento que marcou minha vida. 👇🏼CONTINUA NOS COMENTÁRIOS 👇🏼
Oops - I caved 🙃 I have just eaten peanut butter chocolate crunchy chewy snack bar .....with NO GUILT 😍 This is a brand new product my company has just released - it is available in 2 flavours - Peanut Butter Chocolate & Choclate Cherry Almond. Who doesn’t like the convenience of a bar. Throw it in your purse, take it to your kids activities, a quick snack in the afternoon when your at work- win win ! So here’s the info on the bars~ 👍10 g of protein 👍contains no artificial flavours or colours, no preservative 👍great source of fibre, only 5g of sugar 👍only 150 calories 👍no trans fats 👍gluten free 👍curbed my chocolate craving 👍fits into my lifestyle food plan This is my new go to snack without the guilt!! 😋 Want give them a try ? Message me & I can hook you up with the link to purchase ✨✨ #beachbar #snackhappy #newgotosnack #convenient #gabandgo #chocolatecherryalmond #peanutbutterchocolate #notasnaccident #10gprotein #glutenfree #healthyalternetive #coachlife #momofboys #crafty #momboss #dogmom #countryliving #autismmom #anxietymom #momstress #happyplace #DYIdreamer #lovemyfamily #coffeelover #lifeofaworkfromhomemom #mugaddiction #anxietymom #sparklefitnesswithkelly #healthy #food #nutrition
Working out isn’t a punishment,⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s a blessing.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Nutrition isn’t restrictive,⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It’s healing. Health isn’t a one-size-fits-all thing,⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ And may not look the same for everyone,⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ But it is worth fight for.🏃🏼‍♀️🙇‍♀️ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I 100% believe in setting out goals, working hard and staying focused. but at the end of the day, as long as your having fun and are happy that’s all that matters!😊💪🏼✨ • • • • • • • • #striveforprogressnotperfection #justdoit #chaseyodreams #mycomeback #selfloveclub #happybikiniproject #coachlife #happy #fitnessmama
Yesterday day was day 1 of my restarting #80dayobsession! •• It started off so good. I had so much energy. I got my workout done first thing! I was like yeah baby!! I’ve got this! •• Then a headache settled in and I got so irritable. I know it’s just my body #detoxing off of all the junk I’ve been feeding it the past few weeks but it is awful feeling!! •• My kids were extra needy last night which did nothing to help my mood! •• The first time I did this program I didn’t follow the food guide like my trainer told me to do! I was busy, I didn’t take the time to learn it right, and the longer I avoided it the harder it became. •• This time I am #determinedtosucceed! Don’t get me wrong I got amazing results regardless. But I can’t help wondering how much better they would have been had I followed it the proper way. •• I have 13 girls in my bootcamp motivating me, supporting me, and struggling with me! If that isn’t a reason to stay in it idk what is! •• They are counting on me as much as I am counting on them. Together we are going to do this! We are going to prove to US that we are capable, strong, and #unstoppable!! •• With my loyal girl gang behind me I can’t go wrong!! •• Day 2 #booty🍑 is coming up at 9! See ya after!!! #fitmum #fitmoms #girlgang #fitmomsunite #fitmomsofig #fitspiration #homeworkout #beachbody #coachlife #bootcamp #iamstrong #fromfattofit #igweightloss #instafit #fitfluential #fitchick #foodie #eatclean #mombod #thestruggleisreal #decidecommitsucceed #momswithmuscle #youvsyou #makeupjunkie #microblading
La Voluntad inquebrantable y continuada en la determinación de hacer una cosa, la llamamos #Constancias ¿Comentame como logras ser Constante?
Partenaires recherchées! . Tu aimes prendre soin de toi, t’entraîner, apprendre à manger santé SANS suivre un régime et tu voudrais aider d’autres femmes à en faire autant? Ce que je fais t’intrigue? Tu considères devenir coach mais tu as peur de faire le saut? J’étais comme toi il n’y a pas si longtemps! . Je cherche 2 partenaires pour agrandir mon équipe. Tu veux avoir du fun, te faire un revenu supplémentaire à temps partiel (ou à temps plein!), avoir ta propre entreprise et avoir la liberté de travailler de la maison (ou de n’importe où) à partir de ton portable ou de ton iPhone? Tu veux travailler pour une compagnie qui te supporte et qui t’offre une tonne de reconnaissance (allo les cadeaux et les voyages! 🎁🏝)? Alors le coaching est peut-être pour toi. . Si ça t’intéresse ou que tu es curieuse d’en savoir plus, j’offre une soirée virtuelle info-coaching demain mercredi à 20:00. Tu pourras en apprendre plus sur les dessous du coaching. Commente 🙋‍♀️ ici ou viens m’écrire en privé si ça t’intéresse. . . . . . . #partenaire #partner #coach #coaching #coachlife #equipe #team #entrepreneure #dream #goals
Somedays I just laugh and pretend to know what I’m doing and most days I roll my eyes and say a lot of swear words in my mind. 🙄😐 I’m a girl of few words but don’t think for a second I can’t whip up something so efing sarcastic you have to take a double take. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I “love” my job in an odd #lovehaterelationship type way.. I love helping people. I hate being rushed. I love making a difference. I hate the aches and pains. I love knowing that it wasn’t just that one person, but their entire family. I hate being told to pay attention. If I didn’t care, if I didn’t pay attention, how would I be able to covert this to a complete open set up in about 5 minutes flat. Counted and ready to go? Please tell me?! When you have your answer come find me, but until then know that I’m the least of your worries. #scrublife #coachlife #anxiety #depression
Boom!! Leg day is done! Lunges, squats and weighted warriors for days!! 🙌🏻🍑💪🏻 Definitely feeling better today, especially after this. I sooo needed that after feeling so yuck yesterday. Amazing what a great workout will do for you 😍. Have a great day y’all!! 🌺 #80dayobsession #day42 #legday #discipline #accountability #hardwork #hustle #fitfam #fitspo #tiuteam #tiucommunity #fitmom #fitmomover40 #momswhoworkout #momswithmuscle #twinmom #endorphines #workingonabetterme #momlife #coachlife #thisgirlcan #youcantoo #joinmytribe
Round 2, Day 2 is in the books!!✅ . Some days it’s not about health or building muscle. Some days it’s simply therapy. . Man, have I come a long way. Therapy used to be cheese, crackers, and wine.🧀🍷 I’m not saying these things are non existent in my life. I’m simply saying the high from kicking your own ass is pretty darn amazing!! #therapysession
What do you do when you finish a 6-week weightlifting cycle? Go eat at @latenightslice of course. This last round of my Weightlifting 101 course was the best one to date, and I only have these great people (missing a few) to thank for that. Hard work makes dreams come true! Catch the next round starting June 4th. DM for details. #usaweightlifting #coachlife # #pizzaandbeer
One of those days where you need to talk to yourself to get to the gym 🙈 After 2 intense training yesterday i wasn't feeling my best this morning. But i decided to get up and make it happen no matter what. Later than usual but still did it 🙏🏽 . Grateful for this life ❤Coach Mimi ❣ ( perte de poids, gain de masse, gain d'énergie, entrainements) • • • • • • • • • #idoherbalife #fitcoach #success #helpingothers #mindset #leadership #dedication #picoftheday #instagram #herbalife #community #happylife #changinglives #instagood #follow #myjourney #fitgirl #passion #beachampion #success #happylife #likes #follow #coaching #balancenutrition #fitcoach #success #instapic #myjourney #fitgirl #passion #beachampion #success #coachlife #results #getyours #looseweigth #likesforlikes #instagood
Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves. 💕☀️💕 There’s just something about blue skies, fresh air and that warm sun kissing your skin that FEEDS my SOUL.🙏🏼 Thank the amazing man above for creating such beauty and for the blessing to be able to see & enjoy it. (See my stories for the live view) This is my absolute happy place!! 🤗WHAT IS LIFE RIGHT NOW — but anything other than amazing! Truly... I’m just in awe and so grateful. I always dreamed to be able plan my day on my own accord. I just can’t believe it’s real. This moment brings me so much peace and joy yet makes me want to work THAT much harder because there’s still one thing missing... having my husband here with me. Mark my words... this will be OUR moment to share. He’ll be home. Give me a year & just stay tuned. It’s gonna be a wild, crazy, somewhat scary but mostly awesome ride! 😉 . For now, Pootie and I are signing off to look over our workouts for the next couple weeks and knock out Day 1 (one day behind) of our new 30-DAY CHALLENGE!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 WOOP WOOP!! Want in?? Comment below or message me! Last week to get in for this group. 💪🏼 . . . . . #sunshine #happiness #peaceful #puppylove #champ #dontbullymybreed #inspiring #beautifulday #motivated #naturelovers #outdoorlife #livingmybestlife #soulfood #determined #setgoals #positivemindset #optimistic #carpediem #mentalhealth #freedomthinkers #dreambigger #befearless #yolo #coachlife #trainer #fighter #girlboss #shineon
"Sharing is caring." We must apply what we know cos having knowledge itself is not enough, we must act and we must share. Today, we learned benefits about backbone of our business i.e PRODUCTS. Something that every Wellness Coach of #herbalife needs to learn to provide effective and "WOW" result. #products #backbone #sharing #knowledge #wellness coach #results #coachlife
So, I am officially no longer a Beachbody Coach. I knew this day was coming, for quite a while honestly, but it still is bittersweet, nerve racking, and exciting all at the same time. 😬🙃 Coaching completely changed my life in more ways than I probably even know. . It helped me find myself. It helped me learn to love myself. It helped me find strength I never knew I had. It helped me leave a 3 year toxic relationship. It helped me gain confidence. It helped me open up to the world around me. ♥️ & if you’re ever given this same opportunity I’m telling you to GO FOR IT. 🙌 . My time is now up, for many reasons. And I’m fully ready to follow my intuition and head down this new Lifestyle Coaching journey. 🛣 Something I’m ridiculously passionate about. But the safety net of “Beachbody” being gone is scary. Yet I know that I’ve got to leap and fully go with my calling & gut. 💃 . So, here’s to this next journey. I hope you all enjoy joining me in some way along the way. ☺️✌️✌️ . . . #coachcourtneyq #girlboss #coachlife #lifestylecoach #fitgirl #growth #change #opportunity #leap #journey #weightlossjourney #loveyourself #intuition #lifestyle #happy #newstart #passion #imback
Let’s talk WATER 💦 •Did you know that you need to intake atleast half of your body weight in water to help with weightloss? 🙉 •Did you know that drinking enough water actually increases energy? ☄️ •Did you know that water also helps relieve cramps during that time of the month? ( for all the ladies out there) ✨ •Did you know water also improves skin complexion? 👶🏻 Moral of the story, DRINK YOUR DANG WATER 🙌🏻💦 P.s I drink atleast 2 of these gallon jugs a day (which you can pick up for 2.99$ at Walmart 😉) P.P.S How am I already on day 23 of #80dayobsession?! This program is flying by!!