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Major results of today's @costco run. I think it was a good day. Steaks, mini kegs of Breckinridge Christmas ale and a weather station. . . . . #finds # #steak #beer #colorado
2018 has been a year of much excitement: getting @zochiljewelry started commercially, slowly becoming a mother and becoming School Director and Ensemble Director of @canyonconcertballet. As I enter #thanksgiving week and after a weekend like this one I am reminded of how lucky I am. . I know they are not my kiddos in this photos but as teachers we pour all of ourselves into them, they are our future. I hope that the little one growing in me is as talented, funny and sweet as each one of you! Thank you for a very exciting, hectic, and energizing. You guys are training me for motherhood hahahaha ❤️🤪❤️😊 #dance #dancefamily #dancecompany #colorado #fortcollins #dancer #dancers #nurturingartists #coloradodance @ladancemagic thanks for providing a space for the growth of these and many other young artists.
"To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold." ❄️🌲❄️ - Aristotle
Not a huge fan of ice storms but I will say it made for a pretty amazing hike with Katie this morning, and of course some cool photo opportunities. #colorado #nature #winter #ice #golden
Bella is ready for her close up! Bella is a pig full of sass and attitude but also so much love and kindness. Remember pigs are friends not food. Bella thanks you! 🐷❤️