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Ok I’m going to make this a post. So I got a theory (STRETCHED) so this just happens tonight so @teamvisionary (Sermon) tweeted lyrics to “Walk on by” one of logics old songs. Then Jacob said somthing then sermon said “as you should Life is good” and life is good is a old logic song too. Then Jacob said somthing again and Sermon said “ who said you get to set the tone” and set the tone is an old logic song. Then Jacob tried getting info about NP anyways. I listen to most of logics songs old and new and in the songs mentioned logic mentions the word “king” a lot. So maybe we are going to see a “Two Kings 2 or something like that” and I don’t know who it was but in a few of logics chess post there were two queens in front so who knows! (Btw Two Kings is an old logic song) so that’s a stretch but who knows thought I would share it! ❤️😭🤔