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Playing with ways to kick my own 🍑--I love this because it works core, shoulders, and booty... all at ONCE!
Querer es poder, solo debes permitírtelo y lograr que tu mente y tus emociones trabajen en estado expansivo. #seentrena . . . . . Por planes y programas 📲 1139583821 💯 % Ejercicio 🏋️‍♀️ 💪🥊 💯 % Nutrición 🍎🥦🍗🥚 En todo da el 💯 #Entrenaconft . . . . . . . . . . . #quads #quadwork #core #coreworkout #legday #legworkout #womenshealth #bodyweight #bodyweighttraining #bodyweightexercises #train #training #personaltrainer #everydayfitness #instadaily #instafit #instagood #fitness #healthy #loveyourbody #howto #howtotrain #tips #legs #legsfordays #fitnessmodel #fitnessaddicted #fitnessaddict
Got a little behind on my posts but here is day 6/80 days of #80dayobsession! What can I say about day 6 other than it was gruesome!! On top of that I had woken up with my back hurting more so had to take it easy with this moves and yes I fell on some but kept pressing on because I am determined to get my workouts and my meals in. And especially after doctor gave me the clear to do core exercises, I have no excuses! The time meal was a little tough during the weekend with all the errands and a strained back and sore legs and booty from the day before. Those little bands really do work muscles you didn’t know however got all of my meals and my performance energized and recover (not pictured) in. This was shorter than other videos but boy did it challenge me and I am already starting to see changes in my body too!! So some pics of my meals and of course moves from the program! #80dayobsession, #modifiedexercises, #backhealing, #lowerback, #coreworkout, #protectyourback, #pcosweightloss, #pcosweightlossjourney @autumncalabrese, @80dayobsession
Yes I’m aware this isn’t what a foam roller is typically used for, but I was playing around and ended up liking these 👍🏻 CORE, GLUTES, HAMSTRINGS: 1. Ab roll out from elbows to hands 2. Plank on elbows with knee tucks 3. Plank on hands with knee tucks 4. Hamstring curls (squeeeeze your booty) 5. Single leg glute bridges
Be Unstoppable 💪
CRAWL W/ PLATE The crawl is a skill that we’re suppose to keep for a lifetime. It’s a great core, stability, control and coordination exercise. While performing the crawl can seem simple, keeping neutral spine is NOT. You want to moove opposed upper and lower members as you go forward and backward. The addition of the Plate on the back is not only to add intensity to the exercise : ✅ Proprioception feedback : the more it mooves, the less hip stability you are maintaining with the core ✅ Also great for shoulder stability 🏋🏼‍♀️ Try to keep neutral spine and focus on the core contraction 🏋🏼‍♀️ Focus on keeping a perfect technique as long as possible to gain core endurance 👉 I did it w/ 45 lbs plate, but it can also be performed with any kind of weight, the goal is to maintain the stability, not to overload your back ! - Liked it ? Double tap & Share ! #doittherightway #fittprogression . . . . #fitness #fit #ironaddict #training #workout #livefit #getfit #core #coreworkout #stability #strength #crawl #loadedcrawl #neutralspine #progress #motivation #work #gym #gains #dontmissamonday
cocanie cowboy 🍩🍩🍩
#Repost @carrot_bowl_bonnie ・・・ I don't have an end goal. My aim is to become more aware of what my body feels and how I can continually refine, challenge and soften into strength. _ HEADSTAND NOTES:⚡️ -may not be for everyone . -practice at the wall first -place your elbows under your shoulders, clasp your hands, rest the top of your head between your wrists, lift your knees off the ground -you get to control how much weight is in your head, my arms take most of it . -walk your feet in a little -to hinge up / pike: option to bring one knee in or out to the side and keep one leg straight OR extend the top leg up to the ceiling OR pick both feet up together (you can also use a block for the bottom foot to step on) . -having done hamstring stretching first will help -when you're lifting your feet off the ground, push your chest/upper back forward (towards your feet) and think of your hips moving back behind you (like cow pose) -it might not look like anything different, but if should feel's okay if this sounds was to me when I was learning -learn to balance straight up first . -keep your elbows planted strong, keep tension between your elbows, push your shoulders away from the ground, corset in your low ribs, pull your pubic bone forward and point your tailbone toward your heels, squeeze your legs together and push up through the bottom of your feet -once you can get this at the wall, try it in the center of the room -if you fall out, tuck your head and round your back to somersault -maybe practice some somersaults first just to get comfortable -to pike leg lift (like the video), keep your arm and shoulder base strong and active, and lower your legs as softly as you can -don't rest your toes, just barely touch down and lift back up -you can do the pikes by the wall too -this is work for your shoulders and back -my max is 15 reps, but it was 5 and then 10 for a long time first -start with one and be patient in your progress . -let me know how it goes! _ #bonnieyoga #headstandpike #pikepress #sirsasana #coreworkout #yoga #mindfulmovement #mindfullife #yoga #yogainspiration #yogaeverydamnday #pdxyoga #yogainpdx
New YouTube tutorial up on 1/2 Surya A. Simple pose that follows you around the practice over and over again. Either you’re creating a strong foundation or creating long term spine damage. HOW are you practicing?!🙏