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#Cuphead #BettyBoop #CupheadVsBettyBoop #RubberHoseAnimation King Devin: I've been playing this game for 2 days Non-Stop I got 2 beta test this game a little bit early I was amazed when they put in this amazing incredible a true blue American classic character who doesn't know the great Betty Boop I heard a rumor she might be getting her own TV show again I wonder who going to be the voice actor I say Tara Strong. Well let's get to the story been working on it all night and morning. Cuphead: You going down grandma your power level might be over 9000 and you might have 4 different forms but I will destroy you I been stuck here for 2 days now but I will win. Betty: Auiet you Brett I started your career I'm the brain child for Rubber Hose Animation. Cuphead: Take that combo move don't you mean fossil nobody remember who you are you ancient history make way for the new generation I got so much product I am swimming in a ocean filled with bags of money. Betty: I don't care you are riding the train to stardom and fame now. But one day you will be like me people will forget who you are it will forget what you have done you think you are good some people might put you in a bad light We have Goodness in us we have Badness in us! But which one will out where you? Good or bad we really can never decide for ourself. You with stumble and fall but you can pick yourself up but what will your truly doing you would just fall again and again. Cuphead: It called life for a reason we all do stupid and dumb things. People make a living being dumb in crazy right and thanks to those individuals They do put a smile on your face or they might confuse you and make you think why are they like that and take that. Betty: Second form Mecha Betty Boop let's see if you can stop me now I got two more forms. Cuphead: This game is hard but I am having lots of fun combo move! Betty: Take this thunder smack and this Grand revolver finger each bullet have a special ability. 22 second freeze bullet Thunder smack magma bullet I will drain away your life points one by one. Cuphead: I'm down to my last life I'm not going to make it pull it together Cuphead you can do this I will destroy you!
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