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She is too cute for word's! We were really blessed with her, she loves being a big sister. It can be hard splitting your time between 5 and making sure they all get their cuddles. Lately the babies have been respectful about each others time with us, they will wait for their sibling to be done cuddling before they come up for their turn. Zoey spends her time staying up late with me and watching her movies, she also loves to do my makeup and hair. . . . #naturalhair #curls #africanprint #frobabies #pink #smile
I'm loving my wash day results! I think air-drying might be the thing I've been needing! (Thanks xtava recall?) I did have to wait 6.5 hours for my hair to dry but look at these results!! I have so much more uniformity in my curls and I love it! 😍😍 Do you guys think I've unlocked the secret?? Let me know ⬇️⬇️⬇️in the comments 😘 . Today's wash included: 💢 @bouncecurl moisturizing cleanser shampoo 💢 @sheamoisture manuka honey deep conditioner with my @thermalhaircare hothead for about 30 minutes after finger coiling. I did smaller curls this time which I think helped me achieve these results 💢finished detangling with @annabelles_perfectblend leavein conditioner and my @denmanbrush followed my #stc 💢roped and pulsed in @officialkinkycurly curling custard 💢roped and pulsed in @aussiehairusa instant freeze gel 💢briefly pulsed my hair with my microfiber towel before plopping for about 30 minutes. 💢 basically didn't move or touch my hair besides gently moving it out of my face so I could see 💢I saw Crazy Rich Asians in theater so my hair wasn't distracting (btw it's really good and funny, everyone should check it out!). I also hung out in my hot car so my clumps would dry faster 🤣🤣 💢 #sotc with a couple of drops of @righteousrootsoils. I started scrunching vertically then did the traditional lift to the roots before fluffing. . #curlygirlmethod #curlygirl #airdry #curls #curlsarebetter #gorgeouscurls #hair #naturalbeauty #naturalhair #washday #curlysuccess #curlsandtwirls #juicyclumps #donttouchthehair #stylingtips #curlsprogressreport #curlyadventures #touchablysoftcurls #curly #noheatneeded
#Repost • • • • • Hi my beauties 🌺hope you doing great . Here you go my experience with @nefertitissecret ✨beautiful products. • The shampoo: made my hair so softy and I felt it and my hair didn’t get dry , even the treatment was so good and made my hair softy too & super shiny. • And for styling my hair I used the leave in treatment, it became one of my favorite product to style my hair. • By the way the @nefertitissecret products is for all type of hair I really really recommend it. • • • ESPAÑOL: Hola mis bonitas 🌺 espero que súper bien. Aquí tienes mi experiencia con los productos de @nefertitissecret • El champú: me dejo el cabello tan suave psra nada reseco , incluso el tratamiento fue tan bueno y me dejo el cabello muy suave y brillante. • Y para peinar mi cabello utilicé la loción y tratamiento, de @nefertitissecret Y se convirtió en uno de mis productos favoritos para peinar mi cabello. • Por cierto, los productos de @nefertitissecret son para todo tipo de cabello, y realmente se los recomiendo.💙 • • • • #3bhair #curly #afrolatina #nefertiti #hairproducts #hairinspiration #rizos #rizosnaturales #rizosdefinidos #naturallyobsessed_ #curlywurly #hairproducts #cabello #naturally #haircare #curlycommunity #curlyhairprobs #naturalhaircare #healthycurls #inspiration #curls @curly.videos @curlycomb #cacheada