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🕸Spider Curls🕸 • The spider curl is a GREAT exercise that'll help you add some size and develop the peak of your biceps. This exercise is ideal to throw in at the end of your arm days with some high volume to finish off those arms 👌 The setup nature of this exercise makes it literally impossible to cheat! As long as your arms remain relatively perpendicular to the floor, this will completely eliminate any front delt involvement 🙌 • ❗️Pro Tip 👇 Vary your grip placement on the EZ bar from wide to narrow from time to time with this exercise. The former will target your inner bicep and the latter will hit more of your brachialis •• ⚠️I want to help YOU train 🏮For cheap online coaching 📬Email tausifrahmanfitness • • • • • #fitness #fit #fitnessmotivation #fitfam #fitlife #fitspo #physique #bodybuilding #gym #gymlife #health #workout #training #fitnessmodel #motivation #healthy #pump #instafit #exercise #gymshark #muscle #focus #work #workoutmotivation #weightlifting #arms #biceps #curls #fitspiration
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Where my #curlbabes at? . . I’ve had a couple inquiries about what products I use on my hair lately so I wanted to share. . . I practice pretty close to the #curlygirlmethod which means NO SHAMPOO. No silicones, sulfates or parabens, nothing that’s going to dry out those thirsty curls. Finding the right cleanser for my hair took A LOT of trial and error, literally years and hundreds of dollars on sooo many different products. Most products made my hair either super greasy or totally dried out, and ALL of them made my hair feel like garbage. . . The roughest part of trying out so many products was then it would take me WEEKS to make up for the failed attempts.. aka, a ton of awkward curls 😳 which would then make me use more heat to style my hair, and a vicious cycle would ensue of my trying to love my hair but hating it. . . Enter @devacurl 🙌🏼 Ladies and Gentleman SAVE YOURSELF THE TROUBLE and just try these products already. You will not be disappointed. I’ve seriously never loved my hair more. . . I use the “NO-POO” cleanser with the “One Condition” conditioner. I style with “B’Leave In” miracle curl plumper and “Frizz Free Volumizing Foam” which has been my mousse replacement 👌🏼 . . ALL products are 100% sulfate, paraben and silicone free 💕 and for the first time ever I am ONLY diffusing my hair on low.. that’s it. NO straightener! I’ve completely stopped 🥳 and considering I’ve been using one eeeeeveryday for the last 17 years, (whether I wear my hair “natural” or not) that’s pretty huge 🤭 . . **if you want to check out the products in person and have a sales rep to chat with you can find them in Beauty Supply stores and I’ve also seen them in Chatters hair salons, then of course there’s also just buying online ☺️ . . Any more questions about curls/hair/products/routines and I’d be happy to share!! . .. . .. #curlyhair #curls #brunette #loveyourhair #respectthecurls #hair #natural #selfie #selflove #womensupportingwomen #momlife #haircare
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Follow @wurlygirlworld for more! #wurlygirl Wurly Girl- @chicmedusa • • • • • Long Hair can be healthy hair too if you take proper care and DC regularly but yes one thing that you may have to compromise on is the curl pattern!! especially if you have long hair without any layers like mine. The curls near roots stretch/elongate due to the length and weight . . Also after I had amazing washday results (check out my last post) my Day-2 results turned out even better. Here are the updates on the washday products👇🏽 . . 1️⃣Though the @soapworks_india Hemp and Charcoal Shampoo Bar Cleanser was gentle, My scalp felt clean even on Day-2 No buildup or itching (as some of you asked) . . 2️⃣The @camillerosenaturals Coconut Water DC has worked fabulously. My hair is still soft and full of moisture on Day-2 . . 3️⃣The definition is intact , rather even better than Day-1 with @breahni Moisture Milk and Gel . . 🌺Dew point on Day-2 was 27 C . For Day-2 curls this is what I did👇🏽 . 1️⃣I protected my curls by sleeping in a long hair satin bonnet by @manetain_store . . 2️⃣Sprayed some @ouidad Curl Refreshing Hair Spray . . 3️⃣Accessorised with @pigtailsandponys Crocodile Clip Bow in the design/Model ‘Sweet Wild’ . . 🌺Do you like this better than Day-1 ? Let me know your thought in the comments below 😊 . . . #deepconditioning #curls #textureshot #chicmedusa #cgmethod #chicmedusa #ootd #potd #curlynatural #hotd #hairaccessories #bows #breahni #longcurlyhair #curls #curlyhair #curlyhairdo #instahairstyle #curlybarbie #wurlygirl #curlycommunity
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