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Under sink drawer? Who thinks this is boss?
It’s a dancing on tables/countertops kind of Saturday night, AMIRIGHT?!? I’m chronicling the progress on our new house in my stories, check Maltman 2.0 on my profile page to get up to speed!
Part 2 for my #storysaturday: The early years. As I said in part 1, I would go for about any job that someone would hire me to do. I really love new construction as well so I decided to build a spec home. This would give me a chance to learn and be creative. I would build the kitchens, lay the hardwood , trim the houses and so much more. From this spec house, I had the opportunity to build 6 other home over the next 4 years. The problem was I was being stretched too thin and it was difficult to focus on being really good at one thing and running field work as well as complete client work in my shop. The downturn in the new construction market shut the door on that side of things which turned into something good for me. I then had the chance to focus my efforts in my shop to strive to be a better cabinetmaker everyday. But I learned some valuable lessons building homes: working with subs, scheduling, becoming a problem solver, and increasing knowledge on how ever part of the process effects the others. Now I don’t just worry about the cabinets - I need to work with the plumbers, electricians, flooring installers, etc to make the process work without the tear-out / remakes. In this time, I built myself a new shop (36x80 building) and kept investing in equipment to help become more efficient and increase quality. Once again 📷 by the talented @stephhulthen #hulthenwoodworks #cabinetshop #cabinetmaker #furnituremaker #festool #festooltracksaw #apeandbird #craftsman #craftsmanshipmatters #systainer #detailsmatter #finewoodworker #customcabinetry #customcabinets
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