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Mom snuggles
Coco She was quite comfortable today with me getting closer to her, comfortable enough to derp in front of me! I seriously think she has the softest fur of all 3 and I'm in love with her super cute round face. #caturdaynightderpoff #saturdaze
ぽわわわ☀️💫 ソファでくつろぐ季節になってきた💛 . 最近突然インスタの広告が増えて戸惑ってます…! 前は逆に全く広告出なかくて不思議だったら、今度は増えすぎてげんなり😞 3個に1個くらいの割合…ストーリーも2個に1個の割合で見たいものが見れなくなってる💦 しかも興味ある広告なのもまたむかつくー! 皆さんもそうですか?
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