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Happy 1 Month Baby , it been a such a great month with you.. you have made me the happiest woman on this planet and I’m sooo glad that you just came into my life and that you picked me out of all the woman in the world . Thank you for being all mine baby😘 I fell in love with you because you can make me laugh a lot ,everyday even when no one else can and everytime when you walk into the room with your handsome face with a smile just brightens up my whole day and love that we are soo comfortable around each other and be our weird selfs .. also love that we can talk forever and never run out of things to say and glad that we have a lot in common . Can’t wait to create more memories with you baby😍💕.. I love you very much my Handsome Man 😘💋 #cuties #loml💍 #takenbyhim #thebest #hesmine #backoff #smiles #caring #featureus #cutestcoupleever #ithinkso #xoxo #kisses