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I see hair as a method of self expression - my craft, idea of beauty and muses. I cherish people who see themselves as a reflection of those they admire and I love working with people who value their passions and desires. My experiences with both performing on stage and teaching at the world renowned Vidal Sassoon made me realize the depth of this artistry. I offer a unique, couture approach to hair cutting. Its design principal focuses on an individual's face and head shape, texture, body proportion, and lifestyle. Aside from physical attributes, there is a subtle yet distinctive factor of unequaled individuality that inspires my work. What intrigues them, who they wish to be, why they yearn for a new look... Creating a physical beauty must enhance one's inner beauty and the light within.  I believe education is not about developing a new concept nor acquiring a new technique, but simply recalling what you know already. These are my insights and I am delighted to share what worked for me. I am your leverage to excel your practical application to strengthen your gifts and resonate with every customer sitting in your chair. I sincerely honor your role and support you wholeheartedly on every step you take.  Rowena Hiraga