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I'm curious fam what's something you're reflecting on? For me December is always a time to look back on the year and where you've come on your journey. It's crazy how life turns out, the people you meet, the places you go, and the achievements you end up making. A year ago, I'll admit I was sad. I was depressed and I didn't have a strong support system. So I made the effort to not just meet people but make meaningful relationships. I actively set out to do this. Now I still struggle with depression from time to time but the difference is now I have friends and professionals I can turn to that remind me that life is beautiful in the hardest moments. That when I mess up and start to slip that I've come so far. But even more I have so much more to go. . Anyone else relate or setting a goal or area you're looking to grow? #parttimeexploradora #basicbrownnerds #latinxcreate #latinablogger #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #mentalhealthawareness #breakthestigma #anxietyfree #depressionrecovery #colorado #redrocks #denverco #iloveco #visitcolorado
you gotta love the US government
Har diskuterat med en fantastisk väninna ikväll om svackor i måendet. Det känns som om jag börjar komma till insikten att jag nu mår sämre för tillfället och bearbetar andra saker än förut; inte för att något blivit värre, utan för att jag orkar. För att jag blir bättre och bättre. Sakta men säkert. Även när allt känns ganska hopplöst kan jag ändå övertyga mig själv om att det inte kommer kännas så förevigt. #depression #chronicillness #chronicpain #endometrios #endometriosis #ptsd #fightendo #bunny #bunniesofig #rabbit #hollandlop #dvärgvädur #kanin #viltgul #bunnylife #cuddling #cuddles #psykiskohälsa #måbra
•••2017 has been a very challenging year emotionally for myself. I’m discovering and uncovering capabilities of myself that I never thought I would-both negative and positive. I meditate daily as a way to surrender feelings of fear, anxiety, doubt and guilt, all of these weigh so heavy not just in your mind but also in your body. I’ve recently incorporated movement to my meditation sessions to expose physically where these negative demons hold themselves within my body, and in doing so have had some emotional breakthroughs of how much unhelpful weight Ive carried and how they have effected my daily energy, motivation and growth. The darkness of myself has really made itself very present this year and seeing how unbalanced my lightness is in comparison has pushed me to find a fair playing field for my mind,body and spirit to co-exist in harmony. I’m only at the beginning of this new journey and I would like to thank @the_foul_mouth_yogi (Steph) For taking the time to share yourself and story of journey with movement and physically taking the time to show and teach me💜 Thankyou for celebrating every achievement I’ve made so far with yoga, today I’m feeling determined and focused, from the bottom of heart I Thankyou for the warmth you have given me🙏🏼💜•••