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I have been saying this sentence to my clients for years! For some reason people find it really easy to dismiss their emotions as meaningless. Emotions are as tangible as any other part of your body! Emotions are number ONE on your body's priorities list. They effect your body in more ways than you can probably fathom, but for simplicity, I'll relate it to your thumb. When you bang your thumb with a hammer, your body adjusts and compensates for that pain. You pick things up differently. You move more cautiously through the world. When you bang your emotions with a hammer, your nervous and endocrine systems create pain pathways. These are the same pathways that would be created from a physical trauma. It's all pain. Anyone who has felt the physical pain of depression can relate to that. And guess what? If you dont acknowledge those emotions. They can manifest as physical pain down the road. Your body is wild in its complexity! As @stopchasingpain says, "your thoughts change your biology." And so do your emotions. Have a little more respect for thoughts and emotions in your language to yourself and your language to others. #emotions bodywork #massagetherapist #massage #anf #hertz4healing #depression #healing #healinghands #magic
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