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often come across people who have truly started to believe there is no hope. Lila fell into that camp before starting her health journey. The person she now does not even resemble the person she once was. Lila 👉"I have lost 70 pounds and have kept it off for 2 and a half years. I love our program and it has helped me change my life. I have my own personal coach and a great community with like-minded people." #strong #health #lifesryle #healty #coachporrello #healthaddict #eatclean #determination #progress #success #beforeandafter #onplan #transformation #believe #focus
Don't you just love Saturdays? Today I was relaxing and reading and got to thinking about motivation and what keeps us moving. But then I got to thinking, what is it really that keeps us going? Determination. Motivation may get us started but it is determination that helps us finish. I may be motivated to get my hip surgery because of pain but it is an inner determination to get my life back that will see me to the end result. It is that inner push to never give up hope. When we are struggling with tough times we have to remember that ALL things work together for the good. I know that one day I will look back on this time in my life and thank God for this period. That is a difficult concept when you are in the height of a trial but remember tough times don't last, tough people do. We HAVE to keep going. We HAVE to dig deep within ourselves at times to conquer the fears. I can tell you I am VERY afraid to have major surgery on my hip. But I also know if I want to have a good quality of life and if I want to move forward in my life, I HAVE to endure. Going through tough times also makes us stronger. Even though I am struggling with pain and uncertainty, I am excited that as I persevere and face the battle head on, I will come out better for it. I love this quote by Eleonor Roosevelt and am standing by it, "You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience by which you really stop to look fear in the face." And, truly, if we want to be strong inside and out, we HAVE to push the boundaries. Most of us underestimate our strength-but I'm here to say we are all stronger than we think. So, my little tidbit today is... push yourself... Define your strength! #defineyourstrength. #livestrong #pushyourself #movingforward #pushingboundaries #determination #struggles #digdeep #loveyourself
Working out is hard... but feeling like crap is harder. Choose your hard. So thankful to get back into exercising a minimum of 4 times a week. It honestly makes me feel so much better in so many ways. There are times, like tonight, when I'm exhausted and dont want to do it.. but when I'm done.. I feel like a rockstar. My goal is to choose working out always #stretch #strong #strengthfromwithin #workout #barefoot #feet #myjourney #mylife #momofgirls #momlife #mom #thisislife #determination #discipline