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#ShitHappens 💩 💊 😩 A Texas woman arrested with drugs was forced to use plan number two. Corsicana police on Wednesday responded to the local HEB to investigate a theft and later detained 32-year-old Shannen Shunta Martin at the grocery store. Officers said she resisted the arrest, but they eventually subdued her and managed to get her inside of the police cruiser, according to a statement from the police department. “During transport, the suspect intentionally defecated in her pants and then concealed 2.3 grams of crack cocaine, a crack pipe and 1 Valentine’s Day card in the defecation,” the statement reads. The officers were then forced to sift through her mess and retrieve the evidence. Martin was charged with two felonies, including tampering with evidence and possession of a controlled substance. The Corsicana Police Department issued a blunt warning to others in light of the arrest: “This is scientific proof that drugs will fry your brain folks.” . . . . #associatedpress #dailynews #corsicana #texas #damn #wwyd #savage #hoodshit #trapshit #smh #ctfu #crackcocaine #crackheadsbelike #drugs #justsayno #ohshit #shittypeople #shittyday #truestory #cops #dirtyjobs #felony #arrest #thistypeofshithappenseveryday
Pfc. Thaddeus Kendall poses for a photo while helping to secure cargo onto the deck of the USS Carter Hall (LSD-50) Dec. 1, 2016 during Amphibious Ready Group Marine Expeditionary Unit Exercise off the coast of Onslow Beach, North Carolina. Kendall is a rifleman with Kilo Co., 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment and Brooklyn, New York native assigned as a combat cargo Marine. Combat cargo personnel play a key role in the on and offloading of vehicles and equipment on amphibious vessels, working long hours to accomplish their mission. They’re often seen toiling over heavy chains, sometimes getting covered in grease. #marines #combatcargo #dirtyjobs #atsea #brooklyn
Into the lion country of Marico...where you end up sleeping next to the river after drinking black label and braaiing with the locals and hearing stories of the englishman who died from a black mamba’s bite in 1906 where they point to the tree from the stoep..the dark one on the left, and keeping quiet to hear them roar, when the wind is right it feels like they’re right here..& other stories. #supervillainsofsa #dirtyjobs
I am also looking to release a mud mask for hands...complete with bits and chunks and sticks and grass...😂😂😂