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Streets of Madrid. 🇪🇸📸
Speak no evil
Since this past year, I have been feeling the need for space. Space to grow, to heal, to be healthier, to focus on myself, to create, to explore, to get in touch with my true nature, and to just be... ☺️
Habe am Samstag endlich mal meine Mama besucht, war so schön 💚 Generell wars ein einfach verdammt schöner Tag mit meiner Familie 😍
Above the fog
Thank you Iceland for the memories and an experience i will never forget. Thank you @frantastic420 for teaching me everything i know I’m photography so that i was able to capture this beautiful land as well as i could. Thank you @corey._.gunzz for the laughs, your phone charger, and trading spots with me when i kept stalling the RV. Can’t wait to share all of Iceland and the rest of our trip with you all! * * * #createexplore #createexploretakeover #exklusive_shot #jaw_dropping_shot #beautifuldestinations #iceland #ig_masterpiece #wildernesscture #streetshot #jawdropping #urbangathering #liveoutdoors #nakedplanet #letsgosomewhere #moodygrams #fatalframes #ig_exquisite #usaprimeshot #exploreeverything #visualgang #pgdaily #discoverearth #deepestvisuals
Abandoned by its plumbing this VitrA Optima Bath has made the reckless decision to loiter on a street corner to attract rainwater. Without the crucial ingredient of fluoride provided by a pipe water diet, cavities will develop. The gruesome consequences of such an outcome require no explanation.
Paths like these make me very happy. The ones that look like they’re leading you into a never ending jungle. 👀🌿🌲