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So tired of hearing ‘I love black guys’, ‘I prefer black guys’ or ‘I’ve got a thing for black guys’. , ‘I’m not really into black guys’, ‘I’ve always wanted to get with a black guy’ It’s not a preference it’s offensive and boring. Educate yourself and how your words can affect others also, up your game. The Chappy pledge is something that we as a community should all take upon. Don’t disregard someone just cause of their Race or Sex. We’re all fighting for equality yet we can’t even support each other. Download chappy to be a part of the new approach to gay dating apps. #DitchTheDailyGrind #DontBeADick #TakeThePledge @chappyapp
Beach money looks a little something like this 🤗 Excited for all our newest squad members who have said YES to more this week...they are about to start earning an income from their socials instead of just scrolling for dayyssssss 🤣😝 The way you can earn a living is changing (no more 9-5) and it’s up to us to lead the way for our next generation!!! #sayyestomore #ditchthedailygrind
There's not a day that goes by that I'm not grateful for this island life we have found !! We have grown as a family in so many ways !!! Truly !! As I'm listening to a book called Present over Perfect I can't help but be so thankful for the life style we have decided to live !! Truly something that I can't put into words . We have chosen family time , love & and to be present in our families life !!! The most amazing gift anyone has ever given me is the gift of following my gut feelings . My inner voice . It has lead us to a whole new life !!! For ever grateful !!! . . #bepresent #notperfect #ditchthedailygrind #justdoyou #youcanhaveittoo #ditchthefear #lifeisoverbeforeyouknowit #hopeforpayton #walkerkrew