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〰️✨〰️ Instead of trying to understand the Plan, learn to trust it. 〰️✨〰️ We have come across knowledge to heal ourselves. Applying that knowledge to our daily efforts, is where our power lies. Expecting certain results, is where misery lies. 〰️✨〰️ We’ve been blessed to receive healing wisdom, yet it is our fickle faith that interferes. Our distrust leads to destructive thoughts and choices that delay healing. We blame the wisdom for being faulty, but it is the ego that strays. 〰️✨〰️ We claim to have Faith, and that very Faith is being tested. Trust in the Plan is the medicine we seek. 〰️〰️〰️〰️chiti〰️✨♥️〰️〰️ #testoffaith #spiritualhealing #plantbaseddoctor
I have been receiving the message of "Empathy" from my Sacred Masculine for days now... and it got me curious. Maybe there is a deeper message that I am not getting. So I have asked for clarity and this is what I have received... "You doubt yourself a lot at times. Know that everything has a purpose in life. So no need to regret every action that you have taken. It is all meant to build your self-esteem and the more you out your talents in the service of others, the happier you will be. Should you feel fear, know that this is just you keeping the balance in your life. You want to make sure you remember what it feels like and this grounds you amazingly." I accept the magick. 🌛🌕🌜 [ #intuitive] [ #spiritual] [ #vibrations] [ #loveandlight] [ #divination] [ #crystals] [ #abundance] [ #positivevibes] [ #bohemian] [ #sacred] [ #feminine] [ #divinefeminine] [ #selflove] [ #witchy] [ #witchesofinstagram] [ #soulsjourney] [ #divinemasculine]
Satya. Truth telling. The way we speak truth with our lives, with our existence, with our madness, with our joy, with our darkness, with our brilliance, with our hope, with our pain, with our rising. ⁣ ⁣ The intention of my entire life, the drishti of Anja (third eye), the work I do alone and together. The purpose anxiety serves in my forward movement. The collision of truth and love in the galaxy that exists inside of me. The ongoing act of creation with words, and heart, and soul, and body. ⁣ ⁣ Fuck the way fear tells us the risk is too heavy, the outcome is too unlikely, the hope is too potent. Conjure up courage like a storm, breathe something new and bold into existence with this one powerful thing: the truth is ours. It belongs to us, it reveals itself to us the more we abandon the need to be right, it stirs in us when our hearts spark with love. Truth is our calling, our birthright, our magic. Learn this. Teach yourself to tell the truth with your life no matter what it costs you. Practice Satya the way Jesus did and heal yourself from the first lie on up. The undoing is so beautiful, so mysterious, so shameless. Welcome yourself home 🤟🏽⁣ ⁣ PC: @alison.malee
Her divinity in her body was awake and ready. On the seldom occasion that she would feel enough resonance with a masculine counterpart she would test the labile waters that emerged in the flow of sacred union and communication from the heart's depth. To rest in this space and be met by timelessness and fullness. His presence potentiated her best. And sometimes her worst. All of it was held, as she held him blessed in holiness. In the mess merged with the soul's compassionate caress. A unique world unfurled before them from within them. Understood was the mission. Lived was the love. #love #sacredunion #divineunion #understanding #understand #embody #sacred #divinefeminine #holy #communication #courage #together #interdependence #secureattachment #healthyconnection #connection #respect #honor #partnership #sacredmarriage #maturity #emotionalliteracy #mission #purpose #presence #cocreation #yes
👁❤️👁FOLLOW @suitestpee 👈👈👈🌲🌲🌲 IMAGE SHARED VIA @mynzah 🖐💗 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ☯️ This body is not me. I am not limited by this body. I am life without boundaries. I have never been born, and I have never died. Look at the ocean and the sky filled with stars, manifestations from my wondrous true mind. Since before time, I have been free. Birth and death are only doors through which we pass, sacred thresholds on our journey. Birth and death are a game of hide and seek. So laugh with me, hold my hand, let us say good-bye, say good-bye, to meet again soon. We meet today. We will meet again tomorrow. We will meet at the source every moment. We meet each other in all forms of life. ✨ #thichnhathanh ⭕️ ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ⤵️⤵️⤵️ @boundariesarebeautiful @selfcareissacred @suitestpee ⤴️⤴️⤴️ #selfcareissacred #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #menstruation #grief
THIS IS BUTI. WE ARE RAW. WE ARE REAL. WE ARE PRIMAL AF. If you’re ready to step into your authenticity and face all sides of yourself while having the support of a tribe of seriously badass women - it’s time for you to get your booty to buti. Sorry @simplelittleheart - I’m still not over how beautiful this moment was. You should be SO proud of yourself. 💗 • • • • • • #yoga #yogaeverydamnday #yogateacher #kripalu #fitness #balance #capecod #selflove #movement #empoweringwomen #divinefeminine #yogainspiration #yogisofinstagram #gratitude #wellness #liveauthentic #wildwoman #buti #butiyoga #butitribe #butisattva #iambuti #heartopener #grounded #bodypositive #selfcare #proveyoursweat #butisisters #primal #sweatwithintention
A Goddess is a woman who emerges from deep within herself. She is a woman who has honestly explored her darkness and learned to celebrate her light. She is a woman who knows of the magical and mysterious places inside of her, the sacred places, that can nurture her soul and make her whole. She is a woman who radiates light. She is magnetic; she walks into a room and male and female alike feel her presence. She has power and softness at the same time, and a sexual energy that is not dependent on physical looks. She has a body that she adores and it shows. She cherishes beauty, love, and light. She can heal with a look or the touch of a hand. She is deeply compassionate and wise. She is the seeker of truth and cares deeply about something bigger than herself. She is a woman who knows that her purpose in life is to reach higher and rule with love. She is a woman in love with love. She knows that joy is in her destiny and sharing joy will heal wounds. She is a woman who has come to know that her partner is tender, lost, and frightened as she has been at times. She has come to understand the scars of the boy in him and knows that together, love can be the relief, the healer of their wounds. She accepts herself as she is, and accepts others as they are. She forgives her mistakes and the mistakes of others. She sees God in everything. She sees God in another’s eyes. She sees God in her own. She is a Goddess. ~Daniela #goddess #divinefeminine #loveyourself #selflove #selflove #spiritual #spirituality #spirit #heavenonearth #abundance #unique #beyourbestself #positivevibes #bossbabe #intuition #manifestation #balanced #ancient #soul #boudoir #positivethinking #positiveenergy #goddessvibes #healer #powerful #inspiration #dedication #courage #fearless
“...This is the solstice, the still point of the sun, its cusp and midnight, the year’s threshold and unlocking, where the past lets go of and becomes the future; the place of caught breath, the door of a vanished house left ajar...” ~Margaret Atwood, "Eating Fire: Selected Poetry 1965-1995"💖 . Regrann from @agnieszka_lorek
Another magical retreat has come to a close. ✨🙏 Utah Goddesses, thank you! Continue howling your wild sound!! ❤️🙏🌙 #wildwoman #utah
NUMB // Moments of complete numbness run through veins, The wonderment of life feels obselete As the heaviness of this haze is upon us. The fear grows As the faith lays to rest. The inner confidence in the one thing which was always the saviour, No longer on steady ground. Going under, Unsure which foot goes first. Standing still feels safer, But momentum undeniably prevails. The strain is so strong, The unbreakable bond withers. Is this it? The final string fraying; With absent glares And painful stares. Life is not always overcome with unity, But clarity is always achieved with solidarity. . . . . 📷 via @clairhillcoaching_ #learninglife #lessons
She needs no filter . She needs nothing or no one to tell her she is beautiful . She focuses on her own beauty and comparing with other flowers does not even make sense . She takes her time opening up to her beauty and relishes in the process and time it takes. She IS patience . She knows that the right people or insects will find her and enjoy her for who she truly is. She doesn’t worry who won’t. The thought doesn’t enter her mind . She is humble . She is vulnerable . She is as open as she can be at that time . She IS . . . #divinefeminine #goddess #spirituality
Did a little yoga, did a little hike, went for a swim and I’m feeling good 👌 thank the heavens for tradewinds cuz it was a scorcher 🔥 Oh, what’s that on my shirt you ask? That’s HerbieBerbie... swipe ⬅️ to see the little “tornado, wrapped in a hurricane” 😂 follow HerbieBerbie and Mr. Spock (previous post) at @oddmaninn 🐄🐐🐓🐖🐂 Please consider becoming a Patreon for as low as $1 a month. It’s tax deductible 😁 PS The expression in the piggies eyes in the last few seconds of the video; don’t tell me that’s not love!! ♥️😍🐷 . . . . #veganaf #yogagram #natrajasana #balancedlife #kundalini #thirdeye #divinefeminine #veganlife #spiritualawakening #vibratehigher #meditation #lightworker #lightwarriors #starseed #veganmaui #animallovers #bethechange #maketheconnection #mindbodysoul #vegangirl #friendsnotfood #higherself #consciousness #rescueanimals #goatsofinstagram #maui #getoutside #chakras #aquarian #begoodtoyourself