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Good morning lovelies!! After a night outside of my sacred space, my hermit crab shell, I re-realized how sticky energies are and how important it is for us to be consciously aware of our own. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ So, I’m currently soaking in a salt bath with tea-infused water and crystals....clearing my energy. Talk about an energetic hangover!! (...better than the actual post-St Patty’s Day hangovers that others are nursing). ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️But, I digress to remind you to check in with yourself because your ability to stay grounded is imperative if you’re an intuitive-empath! #spiritualawakening #ascension #spirituality #spiritual #twinflame #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #energyhealing #saltbath #empath #intuitive
Let everything flow in you and around you as it naturally already is and as you naturally are! There is a certain amount of resistance in the collective. It’s normal, normal to want new, to want change, to want to experience the high vibes of new beginnings, to want to have it all come easy. We all know what that feels like, but now, today is a turning point for all of the collective and for anyone still feeling stuck. The work, the grind and giving your all comes easier for you because you are more anchored and aligned with your truth and your purpose! Even those feeling they have moved forward into the New Earth Consciousness, that also still sometimes feel eaten alive by the energy of the collective, those individuals are moving forward and are exhausted by the collective, and exhausted by the effort to not feel overwhelmed. Today is a turning point for all, as everyone is being guided to experience a big lift in their lives. But, here’s the truth. You can take advantage of this new raise in energy if you just let yourself shine for who you are, share your ideas! It’s not a sacrifice to put into action the impact you want to make with yourself and others. It might be a sacrifice or challenge to implement your new path and your new ideas or the way you express yourself, if, IF-BIG IF, IF you are still people pleasing or afraid to be yourself with the people you allow in your life. Surround yourself with those who support you and love you, those who believe in you and see your amazing gifts! Don’t forget to believe in yourself and love yourself!! Follow your heart beautiful soul! Your heart is aligned with your souls highest vibration and will always guide you to take the correct next steps forward!!
After you’ve been really certain about God and your expression of it, when you lose that, it’s hard to be full of yourself and your ideas again. It becomes impossible to idolize your idea of God. . . Deconstruction opened the door for a deep struggle with grief, which started as anger. . . I began the process I came to call “redefining selfish.” Everything in my life came up for examination. I had the option to go along and pretend it was ‘them’ not me, or, I could start looking for the answers. . . It’s easier to go along and belong. In the beginning, the hardest part of separating from ‘the pack’ was losing community. The best part was reclaiming the community of [my]self. . . It took years to come out of my anger/grief to even begin to ask myself honest questions, but when I did, all that I had been fighting for so long ended up being an invitation from the Holy Spirit, that said, that’s start here; let’s move forward and let’s go through. What I needed from my faith 25 years ago, I don’t need now. What has emerged is something new and exquisitely suited for the woman I am today. [continued in comments]
The Feminine Choice Paradigm™️ . takes into account that the feminine has varying desires for masculine energy . and that those desires are not likely to ALL show up STRONGLY in any one man towards any one woman ALL THE TIME . and that’s beautiful and by design 🌻 . and that it’s very healing for the feminine to receive masculine energy through a variety of avenues . and a woman may choose to engage in physical or non-physical sex with a man, or have a platonic or romantic relationship or any other configuration that best suits him and her . and there’s no need to ever control a man and make him conform to an artificial prototype . and that the feminine thrives on freedom and abundance! . Discover more about the Feminine Choice Paradigm here: . #femininepower #divinefeminine #womensempowerment #goddesses #relationshipcoach #sexcoach #polyamory #openrelationship #tantra
💞Dear Twin Flames, Divine Feminine Weekly Reading is ready. Divine Feminine is romanticising the past, but her love to Divine Masculine is stronger, so she will stay! Watch it here: I hope you will enjoy it. Please leave any comments below the video and subscribe to my channel for more weekly readings, or contact me for special offer free mini reading this week, or any private reading. Lots of Love💙 #twinflames #cardreadings #divinemessage #divinemasculine #divinefeminine #twinflameunion #weeklyreadings #twinflamelove #twinflamereadings #healing #crystalhealing #crystals #crystalgrids
Sunday, March 18 • Today’s message is about looking for the treasures in our lives. The two of penatacles is about going with the flow. The first step is knowing that we deserve and are worthy of any treasure our hearts desire. If we can think it, we can have it. In our lives something ordinary has the potential to become something extraordinary any and every day. Maybe it's time we change our point of view. We don't have to always take everything so seriously. We don't have to spend time stressing about money, relationships, things that have absolutely nothing to do with us, etc. Is this something we do just because we feel like that's something adults MUST do? Do we have to give so much attention to others and situations that are negatively affecting our lives? What we focus on, we give power to. The more attention we give to our problems, our worries and fears, the more we talk and think about them, the more we are inviting them (and more of it) into our lives. But that isn't what makes us adults (who wants to be an adult anyway?🤷) and that isn't something we must do. Today's message urges us to find ease, go with the flow, look on the bright side, and soon you will find: the treasure was always there; you just didn't see it. • #ashleyporvida #shineporvida #lightworkporvida #sunday #dailyguidance #taroteverydamnday #dailytarot #tarotcardoftheday #oraclecard #tarotcard #tarotreadersofinstagram #divinefeminine #twinflame #divineguidance #morningmotivation #morninginspiration #loveandlight #adultingsucks #whythough #treasure #gowiththeflow #findease #sukha #findwhatfeelsgood #allisfulloflove
***Surrender Do you know how hard this is to do!! It’s amazing how long we fight, kicking and screaming, heels digging in the dirt. Our energy systems going out of whack. Different chakras shutting down and firing in all directions. Resistance on speed dial. You are sick, unmotivated, and your body is tighter than Jean Claude Van Damme’s derrière. Then you hear a whisper in your head. It’s only one word. Surrender. Your body relaxes for a quick second with the thought, but quickly clenches again. Surrender. You stop this time and think. How long have I been this tight? How long have I been struggling? And as you keep playing this word in your head you get the answer. Months. This just happened to me and it has everything to do with no longer being The Enchanted Fairy. It’s about stepping in to the world as myself, fully seen. Tamara Arnold. The Enchanted Fairy was safe. It was who I became after I was in depression. It was light, and fun, and my fairytale come true. I now, as of this moment, realize that Tamara Arnold is still light, and fun, and a fairytale come true. That it was always me. What are you fighting right now, heels digging in? Where in your life can you surrender? #surrender #selfloveclub #divinefeminine #trust #betruetoyou #listentoyourheart #magicalbusinessmethod
"Gratitude is a Divine attitude in the wisdom traditions. It takes you out from the ego self and takes you into the higher self. That higher state of consciousness initiates self repair, self regulation and healing" - Deepak Chopra🌱🌅 #healingenergy #divinefeminine #spiritualgrowth #higherself #soultribe #sisterhood #innerpeace #awakening #5d #selflove #universewithin #embodythegoddess #oneness #indigo #starseed #evolving #gratitude #lightworker #oldsoul #spiritguide #chakras #meditate #enlight #weareone #consciousness #follow #lawofattraction #transformation #authenticity #twinflame
there is a universal language as old as time itself no rules exist in it to no god, no land does it belong its place is always here never away from being gatekeeper is the sacred she eternal space of wander words she doesn't understand but soulful hearts will free her it's true that once a life unfold will he to sacred but tapping only on a surface will never get gates take him she is the mistery and love he needs to nurish the lake of truth inside his heart the songs of her are loud but quiet to a mind-full kind and though he calls for sacred feminine the doors will never open if only he would understand that silence is the key to emptyness and knowingness of all this is all he needs when he surrenders to the deep and heartful the treasures of a language greatful will melt with him for centuries untill he is with sacred * * * #sacredfeminine #sacredmasculine #divinefeminine #divinemasculine
happy navaratri! I love this Kali - inspired print by the wonderful @marcyellis because its a reminder that through death comes renewal, through fire, transformation, and in facing our fears we experience #rebirth . . . I'll be live tonight sharing about Navaratri - 9 nights dedicated to the Divine feminine - and leading a Durga/ Kali puja . . . #foodsleepsex #onthedaily #nourishyourself #dinacarya #dailyritual #practice #keepitsacred #innerwilderness #embodythebody #goddess #ritual #makelovetoyourself #allofyouiswelcomehere #yeseventhatpart #divinefeminine #inquirewithin #staceymoves #godeeper
Join me in exploring and deepening your relationship with you; as a woman and a spiritual being ... details at
Red Tent Monday night, 7:30pm Even though the new moon is today, Saturday, we will get together on Monday for our Red Tent. As this new moon is a very healing moon we will do some chakra healing work using crystals. 7:30pm at my house Btw group hypnosis to feel Irresistible, Radiant & Magnetic at 6:30pm $10 . *NEW MOON* in Pisces is being called a healing Moon, for it will reveal much that is needing to be healed. With a lot of fiery energy in the air, it’s vital to take deep breaths, slow down and take time to turn inward for reflection and revelation. These seas must be traversed with much compassion for self and other. This current passage has the potential to bring about a great healing, as we feel and address the spaces that have been stirring deep pain for us. We have an opportunity to become more aware in the midst, opening our hearts and our perceptions. We are all in the ongoing process of personal and collective evolution, and everyday we are being challenged to surrender the choices that bind and open up to new way, while holding ourselves and others ever so gently... #redtent #newmoon #moonmagic #women #womenempowerment #selflove #sacredfeminine #divinefeminine #moon