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I hadn’t washed for 2 days and was beginning to smell even tho coming to hotel. But I MUST try to work to do that. Rather it is a method for achieving my goal. . . Before my section cheif would be returning to workplace on monday, I must his ordering. . . 피곤으로 호텔와도 아직도 씻지도 못하고 지금까지 자다가 냄새 풀풀에 지금 일어났지만 집에 돌아가면 분명 또 잘 거기에 집을 피하여 호텔 책상에 앉아서 일을 할 것이야. 꼭 책임감 있게 일을 완수합시다. . . #honesty #Smell #Responsiblity #Doublechecking
ALWAYS LISTEN YO YOUR GUT!! One thing I have learnt today is never feel bad in double checking ingredients even if you have created a HUGE line behind you waiting to buy their mid morning coffee in a well known chain #waitrose I thought I’d treat my DD’s and I to a drink before buying some more oat milk etc. Whilst paying at the counter for my large black coffee, fruit cartons and free from flapjacks I notice a fruit type bun that in the card only had “egg & wheat” as the allergens! I was pretty excited to see this thinking that for once we might actually be able to have some thing from the counter! So I enquired and they were pretty sure those were the only allergens but didn’t have book to hand. She kindly said she’d talk to a manager to confirm. Saying that we have severe allergies so would want confirmation before buying would be great off she went! She was gone for quite a while and I could see the queue building up as I looked in the mirrors and seeing a few frustrated customers. The girl came back saying there was nothing saying the ingredients but offered for a manager to come which she did and said the booklet (which I’d expressed would be helpful to have to hand) was at head office 🙄 but could give them a ring! I nodded and went to sit down with my girls while I waited. When she finally came back there seemed to be a confusion for 2 cards as in fact there is actually “milk” in the batter!! I thanked her for telling me but stressed to her that that needs to be changed as that could be dangerous for a lot of people us included! All I can say is that I’m thankful that I stuck to my guns and wouldn’t just accept what was in that card! If I had our day could have ended up very differently! So NEVER feel guilty for double checking because for those people I may have annoyed by delaying them 5/10 minutes getting their coffee would be the same people who’d have tutted at me had I bought the buns and then found myself having to administer an Epi pen into one of my daughters or myself!! #allergies #doublechecking #questioning #severallergies #waitrose #TheAllergyFamily❤️
Kicking it with The Great Aquilino Garcia Lopez. Couple sips, some laughs, some grub, some selfies. #OGstatus 💯 @mezcalvago
That’s the morning packing sesh done! I’ve obsessively checked each pack to make sure that the right order is in the right envelope ✅ ! It may sound crazy, but I’m always a little OCD with this - clearly I have self trust issues!!! However, today I feel half asleep and definitely don’t trust myself and so my little routines are actually pretty useful🤣! #etsyorders #amazonhandmade #packinguporders #customerorders #happypost #finalpolish #jewellerybox #handwrittennote #mailboxtreasures #behindthescenes #myroutine #controlfreak #doublechecking #shopsmall #shophandmade #handmadeisbetter #handmadewithlove #sterlingsilver #teardropnecklace #silvernecklace #delicatenecklace #thatsdarling #nauticalfashion #reflectionsonthesea #inspiredbythesea #inspiredbycornwall #hazysummerdays #handmadejewellery #creativehappylife #creativebizowner