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Recently I’ve been called “a fitness girl” by a friend and at first I was very happy with my new “title” 🧘🏻‍♀️🏋🏻‍♀️😅 But if I’m 100% honest with myself, I’m far from it... I’m not qualified to teach anyone how to workout, and lots of times I train wrong and only realize I did the next day when I get sore in the wrong places 🤦🏻‍♀️😅 I like posting my workouts online cause I feel many people are scared of training, and think they can only do it with a personal trainer, and yeah, sure it’s nice to have a professional looking over every movement you make, but it’s not a must. As for me, I take working out as a hobby that hopefully I’ll improve over time and learn from my mistakes. There is so many workouts that I would like to do but I know my body isn’t strong enough, or just can’t bend that way, and it’s ok, it gives me a challenge to work towards it. I think we shouldn’t feel intimidated about our training levels. It’s important to remember we are not competing with others, we are competing with who we were yesterday, and as long as we keep trying to grow and improve that’s enough, regardless of what we look like or what our bodies can do. #doyou #beyou #competewithyourself
Like it or not, . You cannot please everyone (I know! Shocker right?) . You will not be everyone's cup of tea.. . So bloody what! . As my fav quote says.... . Be who you are, and say what you feel, because those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind.. (bernard Barach & dr Seuss). . And its totally true... . If you're being authentic, the people around you will love you for you. 🤯 .. AND most importantly YOU will love you for you!!! . Little food for thought on this awesome Tuesday. . ✌❤ . #authentic #beyourself #beyou #doyou #donttrade #real #qotd #selfie #passion #women #girls #power #mums #livelovelife #bestlife #mumlife #abslife
"Family" isn't defined only by last names or by blood; it's defined by commitment and by love. It means showing up when they need it most. It means having #eachothersbacks .It means fighting for each other even on those days you struggle yourself. It means getting through bad times together💓 For this team it means giving your all till the last whistle. It means getting back the ball when your teammate just lost it. It means running your ass off to stop the opponent. It means doing everything you can to win those 3 points. It means never giving up on each other! Thank you Canada 🇨🇦 #grit #truenorthstrongandfree #doyou #family
Life motto.
Just chill.
Facts. #Repost @garyvee ・・・ Copy the url and text your grandparent and watch them send you the 😂 emoji. - #perspective is a really powerful thing. - The reality is if you called your grandparent right now and asked them about what they were doing st your age and what issues they were facing you would hang up and smile 😊 and be so #grateful - Pls pls pls deploy #perspective it’s clearly what leads to so much of my happiness. We take so much for granted and we can do so many special things in these intent days. #seattle #truefacts #seattle #intent #deepthinking #focus #whatmatters #whatdoesnt #doyou
I’ve got issues 💯 if that’s another thing I’m willing to bet . If I had no mistakes , I’d have no decisions to make and if had no decisions to make than I’d have no intentions . I cried last night for something that hurt me a year ago . I questioned people and waited for months for an explanation and continue to wait sometimes . I wish people were like when I first met them or when we were still kids . I still listen to songs repetively knowing that they really never had any meaning . BUT I am MORE in disbelief that people would much rather “forget” their feelings rather than confront them . You see recognizing your feelings and the cause of your emotions is the process of healing with intention . And if there’s no healing there is no testimony . I tried for too many years to be “perfect” which was the cause of no growth until I had to recognize that I was not perfect and that I needed growth . I changed my mind about myself but that was only possible when I fell . I fell into sin , into disappointment , into depression , into anxiety , into fear , into imperfection but more than anything I fell INTO grace . I learned that I was a foolish “perfect person “ because the grace of God only is shown through weakness and vulnerability . And so I am weak and vulnerable but still standing , still healing , still working on myself , still enjoying the process . #forgiven #imperfect #workingonself #doyou #healing #grace #beempowered #intentions
Mocha Chocolata 💋 can I say her eyes are gorgeous with this color
You can dress me up and take me out. But that's how you'll potentially find me at the party; disheveled and enjoying my own space with a wicked glare in my eye. #introvertedextrovert #enigma . . 📸 @mxbkxnggxd (we gotta capture some moments like this again together soon). #eyes #stare #glare #roar #woman #fierce #determination #wicked #model #atlantamodel #atlantaphotography #fashion #socialstandards #blueeyes #canthelpit #dontlook #photography #feminine #masculine #whogivesafuck #norules #personality #doyou #lone #beauty #selfaware #happy