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Hi there Caucasian white male speaking Looking for a good way to spend you're Monday then get you're asses along to: The Show Downstairs tomorrow 9pm for all you're drag queen needs and get you're week off to a good start 💃 The following peeps will be there; Ann Phetamine - she invented post it's and is going viral as we speak 💁 Frans Gender - ahh princess she will show u dae wae Axel Aurora - she create, she participate but most of all she great 💃 Roché Rabbit - she'll serve a pie and make you eat it Violet Grace - she bendy, she know the word Fendi but most of all she friendly Demi Decay - she dancey, she prancy, she likes the song I'm so fancy Oh and some random Glitch will be there as a hostess at 9pm so come by, keep me company and bring you're friends ❤️👾 #drag #dragqueen #dragqueens #dragqueenshow #dragqueenmakeup #dragqueenuk #glasgowdragqueen #makeup #dragmakeup
When they say I’m not hot all these lies need to stop 🌶
I spent three hours this weekend fixing this wig and god damn it, i made it happen.