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W A R M • U P Warm ups don’t have to be on a treadmill! Any fun warm up ideas? The more competitive the better
People are built differently I understand that for instance Ronaldo checks his face in the camera after receiving a small cut to the eyebrow. My brother here just wants to look good for the camera after being shot twice in the back of the legs! The art of not giving a fuck in true form right there! Love you brother miss you all like mad ! #dedication #motivation #lifegoals #stayfocused #staymotivated #fitnessmotivation #fitnessgoals #dubaifitness #fitnessindxb #dubaifitfam #fitspo #gym #trainer #gymlife #mydxb #dubai #focus #bootcamp #militarymuscle #engineeredbodies #jlt #dubaimarina #jbr #uae #pt #health #fitness
3 Photographers @janko.ports - @unterschleif and myself choose 3 different locations and shoot the same model @svanhildurheida_travels ————————————————————— Check out and follow their IG page, pure taleted and humble human beings ————————————————————— 📸 Canon EOS 80D . . . . . . . . . . #portraitvision #portraitgames #Vscomag #globe_people #theimaged #awesupply #agameof10k #portrait_vision #portraitmood #PhotographyEmpire #artofvisuals #TrappingTones #streetdreamsmag #visualoflife #streets_vision5k #portrait_mf #aovportraits #discoverportrait #portraitsociety #portraitstream #portraits_vs #bravogreatphoto #earth_portraits #bravoportraits #portsinspired #yourvisiongallery #startersofig #777luckyfish #photooftheday
💥Do you use your Body Image as an Excuse for the Unhappiness elsewhere in your life?💥 . . 🤔Yep, we’re going quite deep here, but I feel it’s an interesting question to ask yourself. As a coach, I work with people from all different personalities, backgrounds and jobs, each with their own struggles. I’m no psychologist but it’s interesting to see how and why people choose to exercise . . 🍔On the face of it, you would think most people exercise to lose fat, look good naked, get fitter and so on, which they do. However, often there are underlying reasons, which dictate why some people’s journeys are tougher than others . . 💏Maybe they train all the time because they are newly single and want to feel better about themselves. Yet, they also train all the time because they are filling the gap that a relationship has left. Some people may train because they hate their job and want to release stress. Yet, their job is already so stressful, they struggle to juggle both and it has the opposite effect . . ⚖️I recently listened to a podcast where they were talking about someone getting aggravated as they couldn’t lose 10 pounds. Yet, when questioned on how this weight loss would change their lives, they couldn’t answer. Basically they thought losing 10lbs would change all their unhappiness elsewhere in their lives . . 🌭Don’t get me wrong, I preach all the time about how being fitter and healthier can positively affect other aspects of your life. However, your body image shouldn’t be the only tool to change other happenings in your life. We are all on this journey of life, and health and fitness is only one aspect of it. Finding a balance between everything else and your reasons WHY you are unhappy with certain aspects, is key to long term happiness . . 🏋️‍♀️Training, losing weight, getting jacked, can be a positive part of your life. But could it also be an obsessive part that’s masking problems elsewhere? Food for thought, I guess.... . . ❓Questions? Drop ‘em below 😀 . . 👉Follow @sam_xceedfit for more 👈
Eat, don’t drink your calories. Stay away from high calorie drinks such as alcohol and bottled fruit juices. Great visual representation from @guruldn - give them a follow for quality and trustworthy nutrition content! 🔝
🌵Life is like a Cactus... Full of pricks but also very beautiful 😏✨
Being a mountaineer is about pursuing something you can't explain and then explaining it to an audience who can't understand. If it could be explained then there'd be no need to experience it. And if there's no need to experience it there would be no more mountaineers.... and now reading it back i have no idea what I was trying to say but i'm sure it was animated by something profound... or not so profound. Either way there it is... #LifeHappensOutdoors