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This morning I woke up at 6 o’clock and decided to start my day off right with my selfportrait for the challenge! . It’s going to be one hell of a sunny day again today and that’s not really the atmosphere I like to go for in my images. And I really wanted to do an outdoor shoot again! So I set off to the forest near my house with this little pond and just went for it. Started halfway in and then I decided I really wanted to do this emerged on water, giving in sort of concept and that’s how I ended up with this final image! . I am so glad I woke up this early today! It was so worth it! From the morning concert of birds to being cold to the bone. I adore adventures like these! ❤️ . . #canonnederland #7dayswithholly #wandelbos #tilburg #omroepbrabant #earlymornings
I honestly love dairy farming! Yes sometimes dragging my ass out of bed in the morning can be hard but it’s all worth is specially when the stars are out!! 😍😍 ofcorse gotta take the selfie in the tractor Hahahaha ! #dairyfarmer #earlymornings #lovinglife