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A smile in a cornfield
Go in to the light, man
25.09.18 - Warszawa 👈🏿 Новый дом
First guests of the day approaching the island. Chill air feels good in the lungs. Tip to visiting Lake Bled: Go early, really early. It’s beautiful and silent 😍 📸 @joonaslinkola
bukurinë e errët - 3/9 - Faleminderit Zemer. "Forever Barriers" - - -
bukurinë e errët - 2/9 - Faleminderit Zemer. "Through the looking glass" - - -
bukurinë e errët - 1/9 - Faleminderit Zemer. "Contrasting paths" - - -
Yesterday’s meet up was so much fun Stay tuned for a whole lotta photos from it🤟🏻
hating me doesn't make you look beautiful
Brace for Impact • Devils Kitchen • Eagle Hawk Neck • Tasmania
Tessellated Pavement • Eagle Hawk Neck • Tasmania
One of the most picturesque roads I have ever seen. What better way to make the most of it, than skate down it during sunset. For me, if life was a canvas, I’d throw all the colours on it. Gotta make the most of moments like this! ✌🏼😍 🌏 New Zealand 📸 @jinz10
The views in New Zealand are breathtaking 😍 🌏 Mount Cook 📸 @rachstewartnz