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🏔🔥🏔 Trail running during that sunset hour
Getting lost in the dreamy magic of the bush covered in snow ⛄️
Chasing sunrise
The Malecon, lighthouse and Fort of Havana
One of the dopest chains I've made up to date! Made for @slittywrists Includes; Lapis Lazuli- Stimulates knowledge, Encourages honesty & inner truth, Stone of friendship, Great for children w/Autism, A.D.D. & other mental issues, Heals 👂🏽&👃🏽 passages Citrine- Transmutes, dissipates, & grounds negative energy, Transforms negative thoughts, Assists in acquiring & maintaining wealth, Support stone for professionals, Attracts 💓&😊, Stimulates digestion & pancreas, great for depression, strengthens intellect & nerve impulses, great for overly sensitive people Angelite- Relieves tension, stress & anxiety, Protective & healing stone, Promotes compassion, peace, understanding & brotherhood, brings wholeness, & alleviates inflammation & balances thyroid glands, repairs tissue & corrects blood deficiencies