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Es gibt eine neue Podcast Folge heute 📣💗 ⠀ Als ich noch ein Kind war, haben wir oft Stadtrundfahrten mit dem Bus in unseren Urlaubsorten gemacht. 🚌 ⠀ Ich weiß nicht warum, aber ich fand es nie sonderlich toll. Als ich letzte Woche ein paar Leserkommentare erhalten habe, die ziemlich unter der Gürtellinie waren, musste ich irgendwie an diese Kindheitserinnerung denken. Schon damals, habe ich mir geschworen, dass ich bestimmte Dinge in meinem Leben für mich einfach nicht mehr machen möchte, wenn Sie mir keinen Spaß bereiten. ⠀ Letzte Woche war ich u.a. in Basel und musste einfach, diese Bild vor einem Touribus machen. Quasi als Erinnerung für meine Familie 😀 ⠀ Gleichzeitig habe ich beschlossen, dass ich einige Dinge nicht länger akzeptiere und ab jetzt mein Leben mit Leichtigkeit genieße. ⠀ Und was, dass alles mit guten Nachrichten zu tun hat, erfährst du in der aktuellen Podcastfolge. (Link im Linktree👆) ⠀ ⠀ #GreatNewsStattFakeNews #Podcast #Podcaster #TBT #Happy #Family #Love #MyWay #3ways #goodnews #Easy #Easylife #freedom
4 SIMPLE TIPS TO GET BACK TO HAPPY We all start life happy... Well, apart from the shock of being thrust into the world from the comfort and warmth of the womb... After that initial shock, our natural tendency is towards happiness... Contentment Joy We feel instinctively that our needs will be met And so we just chill And then we begin slowly (or unfortunately quickly) to realise that we are living with flawed humans who are just about doing the best they know how to do to get by... No instruction manual given to them so they try their hardest but inevitably fail at times... I was talking about this to a friend yesterday as we acknowledged that our children think we know it all (though I have done my best to strip my princesses of that particular concept!) but really parents are making it up as we go along, wondering when we became this grown up!!! Anyway, back to what I was saying, we live with these peeps called parents and we start to get disillusioned And it continues to happen People fail People hurt Events happen that hurt Disappointments happen And slowly but surely, we begin to lose hope and joy and happiness Some manage to keep it going for a bit longer than others Some more naturally choose more positive explanations for everything Whereas we (yes, that would be you and I) tend to see the negative more We tend to be unable to shake the darkness we feel inside as we get hurt time and time again We keep moving forward, for sure but we feel a little more broken as the days go by until there is an emptiness inside that will not be denied, no matter how hard we try to stick a plaster on it to hold it all together. And then it is hard to be happy What do you do then? Yes, you are strong Yes, you have overcome and you are still standing But deep down, you are not happy 1. REDISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE I feel it is impossible to be happy when you are living the wrong life. With everything that has happened to you, you may have shifted off the right course for you and now feel too scared to get back on track because that may mean starting afresh. DARE TO DO IT anyway You do not need to quit everything, all at once. No! ⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵
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