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Sweet dreams are made of this! Our Eczema Cuddle Sack is made of super soft, 100% organic fibers to cradle your little one in comfort. Built in hand covers prevent scratching. This piece is perfect as a nighty on its own, and layers well with our Rescue Suit. Shop this and other relief garments via the link in bio. . . . #eczemarelief #itchyskin #adrescuewear #eczema #eczemaproblems #eczemaprobs #eczemahealing #eczemahelp #eczemasucks #eczemafree #eczemaawareness #nationaleczemaassociation #unhideeczema #sensitiveskin #eczematreatment #naturalsolutions #naturalfibers #babysleepwear #babystyle #naturalrelief #naturalskincare #sensitiveskinsolution #sensitiveskinproblems #sensitiveskincare #skinsolutions #skinsolution #sleepsolutions #sleepsack #babyblanket #babyclothes
This photo from 4 years ago popped up in my fb memories today. At the time I was celebrating the fact that Andrew was smiling and that there was "minimal screaming" (from pain, not tantrums) in the middle of the previous night. Looking at it makes me feel both agony for what life was like for all of us at that time and gratefulness for the fact that things are so wonderfully different now. The next month we found a holistic pediatrician who started treating him for leaky gut and we started using Young Living essential oils, which gave us some safe, effective tools for our wellness toolbox. It wasn't a quick process, but slowly, bit by bit, he made progress. He stopped losing weight and made it back on the growth charts. His skin started clearing up one body part at a time. He smiled more and screamed less. We're still on a healing journey (he's still on a super restrictive diet and right now he keeps scratching the backs of his hands) but with a confidence we're on the right path.
How many times a day do you catch yourself comparing your life to someone else’s on social media? Don’t worry, we all do it… nevertheless, we shouldn’t be concerned with other people’s journeys: just our own! If you feel like social media pressure is getting to you: 🦋 Take regular breaks from scrolling Instagram – go for a walk, read a book, call a friend! 🦋 Remember, you never know what’s going on – most of us only post the good stuff online 🦋 Surround yourself with people who knew you before you had a digital persona – they’re your true and lasting friends! #nostress #stressfreeliving #eczemarelief #eczemasucks #eczemawarrior #eczemaproblems #eczemafree #eczemahelp #eczemahealing #EczemaTreatment #eczemalife #goodvibes #positivity #strongwomen #confidence #selfconfidence
Everyone has a story to tell and an experience to share. . . . Years ago, our journey with eczema was emotional, exhausting and all too real. If you haven't read it, make sure to click on the link in our bio! 👆 . . . We also want to hear your story! Let us know about your eczema journey below. It may become an inspiration to others suffering from eczema! #eczema #eczemarelief #eczemahelp #itchyskin #eczemaproblems #eczemasucks #skincare #happyskin #nomoreitch #dryskin #eczemawarrior #eczemajourney #eczemastory #eczemacompany
All of us with eczema here know how hard it is to sleep when it gets flared up really bad; you wake up many times in the night, bleed all over your pillow, and wake up with your entire face and body swollen, and sometimes even the best cream in the world can't provide you with a peacefully night. However, as if controlling your scratching while you're awake isn't hard enough, you can't even control your scratching while you're asleep, which provides you with that much more discomfort. Sadly, we all need our goodnight sleep but just can't pull off our skin! The best thing to do is prevent the scratching as much as possible and here are some tips that I've compiled which I've found have helped me make me sleep better: . . . ⚠️DISCLAIMER: Once again, these are just my opinion and written from my experiences! 1) To ditch or not to ditch the air conditioner 🤔 . . . ✨(This tip applies more to people who sweat a lot like myself) I'm sure many of you have been advised to switch off the air conditioner as it makes your skin dry. However, when I'm having really bad flare ups, I would not want to sweat and make myself scratch more in my sleep, especially if you live in a humid country like myself. Sweating in your sleep is just gonna make you scratch more, even worse, unconsiously in your sleep, and make it more prone to bacteria entering those wounds, making it harder to deal with when you wake up. So my tip would just be to prevent the sweat, switch on the AC, cool yourself down and not bleed all over the bed with scratching. 2) Change your bedsheets 🛏 . . . ✨ I can't stress enough important this is and how much is has helped my sleep just by simply changing my bedsheet as much as possible. As much as you think your bed is really clean, don't forget that you place things on top of it, maybe even eat on it, and even jump right into it after school or work with your dirty clothes, um yup, it's not as clean as you think. I recommend changing it at least every 2 weeks (every week if possible even) to give yourself a clean surface to sleep on. . . . ... continued in the comments below 👇🏻👇🏻
🔥 Eczema affects the ability of the skin to control body temperature. 😖 Children with eczema often feel hot, and heat can make eczema skin feel itchy. 😌 Keep a child's bedroom cool and well ventilated especially in summer, and the bedding lightweight. #winter #winteriscoming #winterfashion #winterwonderland #winterfun #wintertime #winterishere #winterstyle #winterseason #winteroutfit #winterwear #wintermood #wintervibes #eczemarelief #eczemasucks #eczemawarrior #eczemaproblems #eczemafree #eczemahelp #eczemahealing #EczemaTreatment #eczemalife #allnatural #skincare
ECZEMA CLINICAL TRIALS OPEN NOW! If you suffer from mild-severe atopic dermatitis (eczema) we would love to hear from you. You can register your interest via the clinic trials page on our website (link in bio) or call by calling us on 03 9013 0099 👨‍⚕️
Hey! I’m Laurie from Birmingham, UK, 26 years old and starting my topical steroid withdrawal (TSW) journey in November. I work as an events planner which is voted one of the most stressful jobs (alongside jobs such as military and firefighter which actually impact and save lives so they are understandably stressful jobs!). My events season is over next month and so I’ve decided to start my journey then. I’ve had eczema for as long as I can remember, it started on my creases on my arms and legs but it’s progressively got worse with age (especially in the last few years) and, like most TSWers, I’ve been prescribed TS for years using it about three times a week. TS are supposed to be a short term aid for up to three weeks to alleviate symptoms but I, like many, become reliant on them and it then becomes harder and harder to jump off the TS bandwagon. This is my back now, I’m still using TS on a tiny basis and plan to stop using them completely next month. Before I start, I’m keen to find out if Moisturiser Withdrawal (MW) makes TSW healing faster for some? Do you cut down to moisturiser only (and if so what do you use) or go cold turkey off everything? • • • • • • #resisttheitch #topicalsteroidwithdrawal #tsw #moisturiserwithdrawal #mw Follow: @eczema_psoriasis_relief Send pics and videos to @eczema_psoriasis_relief Please comment 🖖 #eczemasolution #eczemahelp #eczematreatment #psoriasissupport #psoriasiscommunity