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Essential oils are here!! ✨🙌🌿 Metatron’s Garden is very happy to announce that our 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils are on the shelf! 🌿🌸 We offer a wide variety of 36 different essential oils! Essential oils have been used for centuries to ensure good health and wellbeing and is still used today as a plant based medicine used to treat a number of issues concerning the body~mind~spirit✨ Use them even to repel misquotes and black flies in the current season ✌️🌿 Or adding a couple of drops into a diffuser will make the room smell divine ✨ The possibilities are endless with these beautiful herbal remedies 💚🌿 . . Thanks all!! See you soon :) 🌸 . #metatronsgarden #mindbodyspirit #shoplocal #essentialoils #theraputicgrade #theraputicgradeessentialoil #customlabels #naturesaromas #natural #plantmedicine #gravenhurst #muskoka #retailshop #naturelovesyou
Thank You to @thehoxtonhotel in #amsterdam for hosting our Cooking With Essential Oils Evening with @tamarasilverstein ❤️ It was a really beautiful evening, gorgeous turnout and everyone had loads of fun plus learnt a lot!!! The food was delicious 😋 So proud of my team @emma_lucy_watson and @watolove and a massive thanks to everyone else who helped make this happen, special shout out to Kaitlyn, Wendy and of course Emma’s babysitter!!! ❤️❤️❤️ - - @thehoxtonhotel #thehoxton #thehoxtonamsterdam # #essentialoils #essentialoilsrock #cookingwithlove #cookingwithessentialoils #cookingwithoils #cookingwithessentialoil #doterrauk #doterraleader #doterranetherlands #doterraeurope #doterraeu
When you have the tools to help you connect with your inner compass and the confidence to go in that direction life can be Charmed. Are you ready to find your way to Blossom? Stay tuned for an exciting announcement. Sign up for the Charmed List to be the first to know! #threecharmedgems #inspired #symbolic #holisticlifestyle #holisticlifecoach #crystallove #essentialoils #bossmom #energyhealing #selflove #community #selfhealing #buildingmyempire #oillife #talktome #shoplocal #sacredgeometry #energyshift #shift #yougotthis #getstuffdone #energy #alignment #goals #makeithappen #goodvibes #vibrationalhealing #healingcrystals
#Repost @daoistdrops • • • • • This weekend I took a silent retreat with myself to try and restore some needed healing space back in my life. 🌚🌚🌚 The Refinement blend has been working like reels of a movie camera 🎥 with old memories flashing before my eyes it’s been a really unique experience to say the least. 🔔🔔🔔 Use the Refinement Blend on Kidney 4- called the Great Bell as the name suggests, as an empty great bell is rung, the sound is so clear it is heard even in the distance. 👁‍🗨◽️This point helps empty our own vessel of that which is obstructing the clarity of our own resonance with ourselves.👁‍🗨◽️It aids us when we are afraid of what we might see with ourselves, providing us with calm and a deep sense of faith. 〰️See our video on to how to apply the blend〰️ #acupressure #greatbell #refinement #essentialoils #dailyrituals #clarity
Confession, I was OBSESSED with All the “yummy” smelling laundry detergents and dryer sheets! But I never even thought about the fact that they smelled so “yummy” because of all the harmful fragrances, chemicals and toxins that were used in them! Definitely didn’t think about the fact these chemicals were on my clothes which are on my skin all day errr day! 😳 • In my Young Living community we have a saying called “ditch and switch”. The easiest ditch was the dryer sheets! I switched to dryer balls that I got on Amazon for $10 and I have used them for a year now! My only do I save money but I was able to move towards a chemical free home! I also switched to Thieves Laundry Detergent and now I am OBSESSED with how my clothes smell and feel! Not only does it smell AMAZING but it’s also chemical free and safe to use on your Little ones!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻😍😍• • PS want a life hack? If you run outta dishwasher detergent just throw in a little thieves laundry detergent! My dishes come out cleaner than they have EVER been!!!
Everyone has tummy troubles whether it be the occasional upset stomach or the daily struggle of indigestion. These plant based products are here to help! No more worrying about if you’re taking too much over the counter or prescribed medication when you can utilize nature’s most powerful elements. Even my 2 year old asks for his “oils” to make him “feel better” and it just warms my heart to know that I make a difference in my little families lives without having to run out for synthetic maybes. Plant Power Rocks!🌿 Are you interested in taking charge of your families health? Essentiallymackenzie 661.644.7523
Seriously excited about this trio. 😍
Oil tip of the day! Every body is made uniquely and not every body will receive an oil the same way. When I first started using essential oils, I found taking DigestZen internally wasn’t effective. I called up my oil guru and she told me to switch up the route, honey!!! So I tried rolling it on my tummy and what do you know, RELIEF! So. If you’ve tried taking an oil three time one way and it isn’t effective, try another route! If nothing is working, then it just might not be the oil for that health concern...and that’s okay!! #relief #oilguru #changeituphoney #newroutes #internal #essentialoils #theoilmessengers
Whew! Hit the ground running today and skipped a few "essential" steps 😬 Primal Pit Paste is my normal deodorant as it really helps with perspiration and I top it off with this lovely scent. Forgot it this morning though - so swiped on some HD Clear - boom 👊 Time to style hair? Nope! Rolled some of this multitasker in my hands, rubbed them together, and smoothed down the frizzy mane. It is also AMAZING (and #1 meant for) spot face treatment. Who has tried this blend and loves it? #hdclear #multitasking #busymorning #toddlermom #sahm #bossmom #essentialoils #naturalremedies #healthyfromtheinsideout #doterra #yl #toxinfreeliving