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. ·🍀POWER GREEN🍀· . [Curated] 2017 Throwbacks. GREEN! . This was of course one of the most exciting project to be part of last year. There were just so much energy in one place, we were shook! Everything was so well-thought out and the theme was tastefully executed! . @awalashaari and @schaalyahya are undoubtly a force to be reckon of. They are one of the hardest working couples in Malaysia that we know of. We were instantly inspired! . #dennsaevents #premiumbackdrop #backdropmalaysia #backdropkl #backdropjb #photowallkl #backdropdesign
We congratulate Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet with her 75th birthday today! A look back when we styled flowers for her presence at the Introdans ballet in Arnhem!
Oh em gee. This entrance. In our first production meeting (well, chat at maccas) we made a dream list of what our ideal runway would look like — and imagine our excitement/surprise when our faves @poppiesforgrace wanted to be a part of our show. No one does balloons like poppies and we are still blown away by the entrance they created, which gave the runway the perfect tropifeel backdrop. In fact we loved it so much we took part of it home (and be ‘we’ - @doyle_and_co and @mylittlestredhead were roped into transporting a boot full to @minimopeeps studio, who received a suprise for us to use in our mermaid shoot - your welcome 😂) #ihavethegreatestfriends