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Repost @rashellkay ・・・ "Tragedies of history, Stalin's atrocities, the killing fields of Cambodia, the Holocaust, to name but a few, were perpetrated by armed troops against unarmed populations. Many could well have been avoided or mitigated, had the perpetrators known their intended victims were equipped with a rifle and twenty bullets apiece." ~ Alex Kozinski #happypresidentsday
This is @prettyplease.kristine. In addition to being a powerful, independent woman, a wonderful mother, incredible humanitarian, creative craftswoman, strong woman of faith, and sometimes athlete... She's my best friend and a pillar of support in my life. Today is her birthday. Happy birthday buddy. I'm forever in awe of the wonder woman that you've become, and we love you very much. #bestfriend #loveher #running #wonderwoman #faith #family #sister
All Praise Be To Allah ❤️ Follow @Look_Listen_And_Learn for more Videos and Islamic Literature! Undeniable Logical Answers That Every Human Is Able To Accept If They Are Truthful To Themselves Why?How?Is The Quran The Word Of The Creator? How Is The Quran Protected From Corruption And The Other Books Are Not? How Are 5 Year Olds Memorising The Whole Of The Quran? What Scientific/Mathematical/Historical Proofs Does The Quran Have? Why Is Islam The Fastest Growing Religion With Such Negative Press? Who Are The Guardians Of The Quran? What Is The Purpose Of Life? What Will Happen To Me When I Die? What Is The Islamic Message? How Are Prophet Adam/Noah/Moses/Jesus Peace Be Upon Them All Muslim? Why Are So Many Educated People Reverting To Islam? ---------------------------------------Praise Be To Allah Lord Of All The Worlds The One And Only True God May Allah Peace And Blessing Be Upon All His Prophets Ameen ❤️ I Thank Allah That I Know Allah Is My Lord and that I Know Prophet Muhammad Is The Final And Last Messenger Peace Be Upon Him, My Lord Deserves Worship, He Deserves Obedience, He Deserves Submission, All Praise Belongs To Allah, All Praise Be To Allah, The All Powerful, The King of Kings, The All Merciful, The All Mighty, The Self Sufficient, The Most High, The Most Praise Worthy, The Everliving, The First The Last, The Creator, The Fashioner, The All Knowing, The All Hearing, The All Seeing, The Magnificent, The Majestic, The Wise, The Giver of Life, The All Able, The Inheritor of all, Praise be to You , Praise belongs to You, O Allah all of your 99 Names are Beautiful, You are the Greatest and You will always be the Greatest forever and ever with or without us ❤️ #allah #islam #muslim #quran #dua  #love #sunnah #hadith #allahuakbar #god #alhamdulillah #subhanallah #peace #faith #prayer #prophetmuhammad #ummah #christian #bible #christianity #church #inspiration #jews #science
Looking forward to the next @underwatertorpedoleague season! ♠️ Underwater adventures are the best, if you haven’t experience it. Then go ahead and add that to the list of things you need to get done in your life time, and if your unable to experience it yourself, don’t worry we have your back!!!! ♠️ #DIELIVING ♠️
Belo registro #blindado de @ggravine de um dos nossos novos amuletos, à venda em nossa loja virtual (link em nosso perfil) ou diretamente pelo whats (41) 99997-5737. BLINDE-SE. 🆕➕🙏🏻👑
"If you ask the Universe to be your partner and guide you on the path to wholeness, it will oblige." D.F. 🙏🏻 Independently, I've moved to five new cities throughout my career, all for the opportunity to grow and develop myself. - ✨ Every time a new possibility opened up for me, I was faced with the exact same emotions - elation followed by a paralyzing fear. 'What if I'm making the wrong choice? What if I'm supposed to stay where I am? What if I'm not the biggest fan of the opportunity or the city? What if I fail? I'm alone - who will be there to support me?' - ✨ 👆🏻 Those were all the questions running through my mind each time a new opportunity presented itself. In all the mental chaos I still had unwavering faith that I somehow would be supported. Initially, this was blind faith but by exercising this faith, city after city, it became easier to believe and embody. - ✨ I'd review all the ways the Universe supported me in the past (big or small) and it would give me strength to make the tough decision to leave a city I loved, a friend group I had cultivated out of thin air, to a new opportunity in another state, in a brand new situation by myself. - ✨ I'd move through periods of excitement to nervousness to full on break-down moments as the time led up to my making the final decision of what path I'd choose.- ✨ The Universe provides us new opportunities for a very specific purpose. Every opportunity we encounter is a test about ourselves, to clarify our character, our values - what's important to us and why, and helps us to further along our path to enlightenment and the fulfillment of our purpose here. - ✨ Invite the Universe to be your partner and guide you on your path, then TRUST yourself and the energy you're co-creating with, even if it's incredibly scary and if it's worth it, it will be scary. Step onto the path in front of you, whatever scary thing that may be. You will be supported. #trust #faith - 📸: @ericaandjon