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I left the gym craving a salad and Salad Station was I made a fridge salad of butter lettuce, carrots, celery, onions, cucumber, pecans, dried cranberries, blue cheese, and chicken with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette made with cold pressed EVOO from my hometown of Sebastopol, CA. And because I had some extra chicken, I chopped some extra celery and onions, threw in some dried cranberries, poppyseeds, and pecans, and made my mayo-ACV-stevia-celery seed-s&p dressing to make my knock-off @traderjoes Wine Country Chicken Salad (one of my FAVORITES). Both dressings ended up with some of the new shallots that @penzeys2.0 sent me in my last order. Barely any extra prep time, and a whole bunch more meals! #feministfarmwife #farmwife #mealprep #healthy #salads #penzeys #traderjoes #tastyfuel #bodylove #postgym #food #selfcaresunday #selfcare #selflove #primal
Because I’m on a catch up posting role. I was busy all day yesterday with a vendor event for oils. When I got home i was bed time and this little guy needed some snuggles. He snuggled right up next to baby and fell asleep. I’m gonna miss these snuggle moments when he decides he’s too big for them.
My super cute dude showing off what kind of chips we like to go with our taco bake. Or taco soup. Or taco salad. They’re super good. He’s getting the crumbs.
Taco pasta bake for lunch. Delicious. I make it stretch by adding corn, black olives, diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. Add browned hamburger and pasta. Top with cheese. Bake til cheese melts and then top with sour cream. Serve with chips for dipping if desired. My kids are on a dipping kick so we did them.
Just hangin’ with two of my girls🐓in my fav sweatshirt from @southernfarmco 🌾
Farming is not just a hobby, it’s a way of life🚜
Seriously, I love where I live. ❤️
Moms out there...there’s a universal truth we all know: Moms don’t get sick days. 🤷🏼‍♀️ . Despite my best efforts to the contrary, I finally caught the cold my girls have had all this last week. It hit me hard last night. . This morning I am thankful for my husband who took all 4 kids to church and Sunday school so I have a few hours of peace. I also don’t want to spread this “fun” to anyone else! 😆 . It’s amazing how a quiet house and a hot shower can help you feel better! 😄 . I’d like to say I’m going to sit and relax. But, we all know that won’t happen! I will probably take advantage of the empty house to crank some music and get some projects done. 👩‍🍳 👩🏼‍🏫 💻
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School fundraiser dessert auction time. Getting inspiration from @traegerrecipes ♨️🥧 What should I make this year? Give me some ideas👇Thinking a dessert that includes a cast iron skillet would be fun. ・・・ Baked Cherry Bourbon Pie. Pie so good it'll make a grown man cry. Cherry, bourbon, citrus zest and sugar loaded into a homemade, buttery crust and wrapped in maple wood-fired smoke. ⠀ Get the recipe with the Traeger App or with the link in bio. ⠀ _______________________________ #Traeger #TraegerGrills #TraegerRecipes #Pie #Dessert #Sweets #smokeddessert #castironcooking #cherrypie #momlife #dessertauction #schoolfundraiser #ranchwife #ranchwifelife #farmwife #farmwifelife #dessertstagram #foodiegram #cookinggram #farmhousekitchen #bake #baking #mrsmontanarancher #montanalife
This guy couldn’t resist joining me with these colourful hexagons workout this morning. Workouts always seem to go faster when I have a partner. I 😍 this also because, after all, my boys are a HUGE part of WHY I want to stay healthy and active. I don’t want to miss out on any part of them growing up because it happens SO FAST. . . . . #momof2boys #healthandfitnesscoach #farmwife #prairiegirl #fallleaves🍁🍂 #sundayworkout #stayyoungforever #familyislife #activemoms #copycats #teambelievewarriors