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Lance has been gone all week taking care of baby 🐄s, but thankfully I’ve had this girl by my side keeping me company 💕 #farmlife #farmwife #dogmom
So here’s the thing. I can’t be a Farmer. I get WAY too attached. So I went for 2nd best, and became a #farmwife instead. My lil girl is doing well, but Mama won’t take her, so I guess I’m the next best option. Guess who’s sleeping w/ me tonight?! My poor Farmer takes the couch like a good man does when he knows he needs to. My #farmlifebestlife ❤️
Oh how I ❤️ when part 4 of my #farmlifebestlife days commence! The part of my @fayefossay days that RELAX and UNWIND me! Tonight I’m excited to try a different type of @countrychicpaint paintbrush w/ one of my fav colours ‘Fresh Mustard’, on an #antique #farmhouse piece I’m transforming FOR YOU! Watch my for sale posting! ❤️ — Part 1: #Mum / #Farmwife , Part 2: Web Designer/Developer, Part 3: Farmer Wannabe, Part 4: Furniture Artist... can I do it all?! Sure as heck gonna try!
Are you sitting around waiting and hoping life will change? Start living your #lifeonpurpose 🌟
After the twins were born I thought I'd never be caught dead in a bikini again 🙅🏻 Sure, my abs could be shredded and I definitely have loose skin from growing 2 babes at once. But, it feels pretty good to not have to hide under layers of spanxs and clothing. Back then, I thought that was just life from here on out. I'm so thankful 2 years ago I finally had the courage to join an online fitness bootcamp. MANY hesitations ran through my mind. But the biggest one -- I didn't think I'd be able to stay motivated working out at home. I didn't even think that would be a possibility. But I told myself that if I stuck with it for awhile, when life allowed I'd get back to the gym. I'm glad I took the leap, amongst my hesitations. What I found was more accountability and motivation than I've ever had in my previous fitness journey. I found community, support, and other gals like me trying to balance it all. I found just what I was looking for and what I needed. 💞 March 5 is the start date for my next online Bootcamp! For 4 weeks we'll be together working towards our goals. Online workouts, a simple meal plan, accountability and motivation! Drop me a message for more information! I'd love to encourage you on your journey!
Back then: “That Beachbody thing just costs too much. I can do it on my own.” . . Now: “What kind of a price tag can you put on COMPLETELY transforming your life?” 🌟 Becoming the healthiest version of you physically, mentally, and emotionally 🌟 Finding your girl tribe of BEST friends 🌟 Traveling the world 🌟 Eliminating debt 🌟 Developing self love . . I mean, really?? How much is it worth to you to find complete HAPPINESS and be freaking proud of your accomplishments?? Take all my money. . . If you’re ready to take that leap of faith and invest in becoming YOUR best self, shoot me a private message or comment ❤️ below so I can send you more info. Believe me, you’re worth it! 👊🏼 • • • • • #honestmotherhood #tiuloveyourbody #mombodsquad #dueindecember #mombod #tiusisters #tiuoregon #tiuwashington #themamahood #tiumommy #targetmom #babynumber3 #bbgmoms #fitmomof3 #farmwife #tiumom #toddlermommy #postpartumbelly #breastfeedingmama #breastfeedingjourney #postpartumbody #sweatingforthewedding #mamasmilk
One of the best parts about being a coach is rewarding my clients for all of their hard work!!! This month I will be giving away another #victoriassecret sports bra to one of the ladies in my Love Your Body challenge group!! This is only week one and they are already killing it, making progress, and learning to love our bodies!! 🔥 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••There's still time to hop in and join us if you have been throwing the idea around!! Just shoot me a message!! 💙
I will love you til the cows come home! . This #tbt is from our engagement pictures. Almost 9 years together and I love you moo-re today than I did back then. . . Remember taking these @amandaajo_ ??
I think every working mom probably feels the same thing: You go through big chunks of time where you’re just thinking ‘This is impossible —Oh this is impossible.’ And then you just keep going and going, and you sort of do the impossible. - Tina Fey You see, working full time and building a biz is hard. It’s even harder while raising a family. But I’ve gotten so many questions on how I do it. The key- your WHY and your goals are strong enough, you just DO IT. What makes it even better, is I LOVE what I do. I love changing lives. I love seeing transformations unfold and I love seeing mamas get results they have only dreamt of. Life pays you back full circle when you simply give it your all. So listen here mama, I’m here waiting for you to jump on board. Build a biz. Transform your life in many many ways. Build friendships and be a part of a community that is our TRIBE. 💋
So, it's a pretty slow day here...and I've been nesting hard core. I finally installed the infant carseat again and had to remember how it goes in🙈; #pregnancybrainisreal plus it's only been just over 2 years since we last installed it. While out there, I burned some paper because #farmliving #farmwife , and played with the dogs. And yes, the only reason they're sitting still is because I had a treat. They thought it was warm (31 degrees) and spent more time running through the ditches and fields. #farmdogs So, did you all have an exciting Thursday?