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Day 9 of the 12 Days of Giveaways! 🎄☃️❄ Today's oil is Lavender. Here are 5 uses of the many it can do: ☃️ Relax you for sleep ☃️ Great for skin ☃️ Helps grow hair and eyelashes ☃️ Calms the mind ☃️Lung support To win today's prize: 1. Comment on this post how you would use it or if you've never tried it. 2. Tag two friends you think would like it. 3. Like my page and follow me. 😁 I will draw a winner from the comments on both my IG and Facebook pages on 12/16/18. ☃️ For everyday that you participate, you will be entered for the 12th day giveaway which is a Desert Mist Diffuser Premium Starter Kit from me, which includes a Young Living membership and access to member only pages with tons of support and information! ❄☃️❄ The winner of day 8 is @myfirstnameismichele ! . . . . . #bountifulwellness #momoftwo #essentialoilsforthewin #livelifetothefullest #sharingiscaring #caringissharing #beautifulinsideandout
Trail of Lights who? (Austin reference), if you can get up to the ballpark in Arlington for Enchant lights go! So much fun and interactive and easy to get in and out of. Definitely a night we’ll cherish!!!!
When your mornings have views 😍
Worst part about a pop up: having to pop down. Thank you to all who made today so special for @shopfaithfarm 🌟
~Simple Joys~ My day was spent mostly either in the kitchen or the barn. My two favorite places on the farm. It was filled with cleaning, feeding, laundry, cooking, new calves, a gorgeous sunset, collecting eggs and tons of flour. My heart over flows from enjoying the simple and mundane. That end of the year slow down is still going strong. It feels amazing! Give me Saturdays making noodles with my husband and a house filled from the aroma of a turkey being roasted any time! It was the most beautiful day! 💛 #simple #mundane #joy #farmwife #life #lovingeveryminute #homemade #noodles #kitchen #pleasures #thislifeilive #blessed #slow #living
You know it’s been a good day at the #farm #winery when the shelves need this much restocking!
What a day. Breakfast with Santa ✔️ The Nutcracker ballet ✔️ Trip around the capital ✔️ Pics with the #hodag ✔️✔️ #madisonwi #wisconsin
#❤️myfarm Saturday theme BOOTS for @the_red_barn_farm. . I have chore boots, rubber boots, snow boots, seriously cold snow boots, western boots and you get the idea. But I thought I would post my “going to town” boots! Being married to a farmer, and mother to a farmer that works 365 days a year in any and all conditions is not easy! On the rare occasion I get to slip on the good boots and go out to eat then I wear these favorite pair of boots! My boots represent to me spending the rare and precious time with family! . . . . #farmwife #farmlife #boots #durangoboots #crushbydurango #booties #rurallife #marriedtoafarmer #coloradofarm #thankafarmer #whatmakesyoucountry #countryliving #agproud #farmer #countrylife #chickenlady
🎄 Christmas Chutney 🎄 Bring the smell of Christmas to your home with this Cranberry & Spice scented candle! 😊 Comment or message to order! 🤗
We had nap success in our basket for all of five minutes.
Typically I’m a wake up, work out, and move on with my day kinda gal. I thrive off of having a routine, and when I find something that works, I stick to it. Anyone else?! ~ Most of the time I stick to my routine and never bat an eye, but today I went a little crazy and mixed things up!😉 ~ Every year I typically spend an entire day decorating my house and baking ALL the Christmas cookies and candies, etc. However, this year has been a little different... Being in limbo of not knowing exactly where we will be living at Christmas, I had yet to do ANY of those things.🤷🏼‍♀️ ~ This morning I woke up and decided I was tired of waiting. Instead of heading straight to the basement for my 30 minute sweat sesh, I went straight to the kitchen! Cookies have been made, party salads are in progress, and all the Christmas cards are officially ready to be sent.🤗 ~ I’d say I had a pretty productive Saturday in the kitchen, and I was still able to find time to get my workout in. When you have access to over 800 in the comfort of your own home, there are NO excuses to press play. Just 30 minutes and all the energy and happy endorphins are flowing!💃🏼 ~ Routine or not, if you want something bad enough you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse. Now it’s time to get ready for the first Christmas party of many! 🎄❤️
I love being able to go and spend time with my family whenever I want, and not have to worry about getting time off! . . Last night I was able to see the holiday train with my family! I surprised my nieces and nephew and they loved it! I'm so excited to do it all again next year!
It takes some serious concentration to cut out cookies apparently! 😄 . Today was the the first day I tackled some holiday baking. I have such a serious sweet tooth...these days are dangerous! 🤣 . Today we made Salted Caramel bars for a Christmas party later today and got a batch of gingerbread and sugar cookies done and ready to decorate! 🎄
There’s not a doubt in my mind that we always go a little overboard, but I just love the joy of watching people open their gifts at Christmas and we’ve got some exciting ones under the tree this year! #farmhousechristmas #christmaspresents
It’s December in Iowa and the weather is beautiful! Today I ran for pure enjoyment. I didn’t care how fast I went, I wasn’t running to fit into my jeans by Christmas or to run the crazy off. I did it because it was a lovely day and I’m feeling pretty blessed. And now to show off my lastest cool thing: my Loopy Case. I always run with my phone because I’m a Garmin girl and I need to have my phone with me for safety. This handy little case lets me hold my phone while running without fear of dropping it. We both survived he hills of northeast Iowa! #runhappy #iowawinter2018 #farmwife #loopycases #grateful #blessed
Y’all I love a good Buy one Get one and this is even better because tis the season for giving! Buy a system for your kiddos, hubby, or best friends and snag a system for your self. Plus we are giving away full size products this month for all new VIP’s and Flexship orders. Let’s chat about getting you ready for all new hair in the new year. #tistheseason #bogo #hairgoals #newyearnewyou #nannylife #farmwife #nontoxickids #veganhaircare
I'm by no means a #crunchymom. In my mind it sounds really nice but realistically I'm just not there yet. 😂 I like convenience and affordability, things that smell nice and taste good. I may or may not have a colony of McDonald's french fries on the floor of my mini van, and my love language might be yummy sugary coffee...BUT What I've come to realize is that I don't have to sacrifice cost, convenience, or those nice smells to incorporate natural products in my home and lifestyle. I'm baby-steppin' it, but in the last 2 months, I've already ditched 90% of my household cleaners, my laundry soap and dryer sheets and switched to safe, natural products that smell amazing. You might remember me talking about these alpaca dryer balls--if you'd like to purchase a set, or want to find out how to receive a set for free from me, check out my stories or feel free to send me a DM! ❤ . . . . . #thechickenhouse #momof4 #momlife #mompreneur #westmichigan #grandrapids #grmom #michigrammer #puremichigan #themitten #honestmotherhood #countrylife #simplelife #letitsnow #smalltownlife #farmgirl #farmlife #homegrown #simplify #livesimply #farmmom #farmwife
When you are inspired to make the festive pastry you found late at night on #pinterest (1st picture) - your #beforecoffee self says it can’t be too hard, plus you’re inspired by @jennifer.garner and her #pretendcookingshow — so, you take photos of the steps of your attempt to create this festive master piece which doesn’t turn out so pretty...But then you pull it out of the oven and two little ginger elves squeal with delight and proclaim you the best mom ever. #thatsawin