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What’s your fave part of fall?🍂🥧💕 I have a hard time choosing between sweater weather and warm spicy drinks 😍 ••• For all my #weekendwarriors 🙌🏽 give a whole new meaning to getting BENCHED with these body-sculpting moves🔥 #happyfallyall #swipeandsave⏭ • • • #firstdayoffall #worksmartnothard #highintensity #workforit #howtogetabs #howtolosefat #legday #bootybuilding #gluteactivation #bodygoals #fitnessisalifestyle #findyourzen #mindbodysoul #mindandbody #momswhoworkout #fitmomsofig #postpartumbody #teenmom #workoutwednesdays #homeworkouts #homeexercises #fatburningworkout #highintensitytraining #cardioworkout
Let’s be honest... is it CIRCUIT TRAINING ❤️ or CIRCUS TRAINING?? 🐘 cus sometimes it just feels like I’m running around with my head cut off to get my heart rate up. 🤦🏼‍♀️ If YOU’RE someone who struggles leaving the gym with a low caloric burn, I would suggest finishing off with some form of circuit training. This can be X amount of time doing the same reps of movements, or X amount of time for each movement for a certain of "rounds". like 💕 and save 🔐 - tag a friend 🤠 #letsgo 🔑: perform this circuit for 40s each movement for 12 minutes (that means this will be 3 rounds through, add more minutes = add more rounds!) 1️⃣ ADD A LUNGE: the first 3 vids are different ways to work different additional muscle groups, performing a curl with a font lunge, an OH stability hold with a front lunge (switch sides half way!), or a band pull apart with a reverse lunge. All 3 are GREAT options, pick one! 2️⃣ PLANK WALK OUT + RENEGADE ROW: keep hips as parallel to the ground as possible, walk your feet back to your hands to stretch the hams and squeeze the glutes through. 3️⃣ PLANK JACK + RENEGADE ROW: still working the row and core, by adding in 2 jacks per 1 row! 4️⃣ LAWN MOWERS: virtually a OH DB snatch, coming from a squat position and using the momentum to bring the DB overhead. 5️⃣ WALKING SQUATS: make sure to switch the lead foot halfway, stay low the whole time! 6️⃣ NARROW TO WIDE JUMP SQUAT: you can hold the DB in-between legs the whole time while keeping the chest up, OR perform it like a DB squat clean. ———— Happy Saturday SWEETIEZ! 🍭 Started off my morning at Burn 🔥 Bootcamp, and did yoga last night! I went out of my comfort zone this week to try new “fitness settings” and I loved it! It’s been a CHALLENGE!! Also, so refreshing. Now, time to enjoy the day with my puppies and my man!! WHAT ARE YALL UP TO!? 💅🏾💅🏾 🥗coaching inquires: desbfit 👀 @hydrojug discount code “desb” to stay hydrated as heck. Outfit: @413_apparel crop / @ethos_co spandex #teambbcom #hiit #circuittraining #circuitworkout #heartratetraining #FaithAndFitness #bigthingscoming #roadtoolympia #ifbbprobikini #fitnesscoach #lifestylecoach #fitspo #lifespo
‘How-To Get Winded in Less Than a Minute’ ... Literally, one set 😵💨 Do a few rounds of these when you are short on time — 5 Rolling Reverse Burpees w/ Push-up • 5 Box Jumps • 50 Yard Sprint (if you want to call that a sprint 🤣) & Repeat 🔃
⚡️BOSU FULL BODY CIRCUIT WORKOUT⚡️ . . 🔥30 sec on, 15 sec rest! Repeat 3-5x’s! 🔥 . *️⃣BOSU BURPEE W/PUSH UP *️⃣PLANK WALK UPS . *️⃣LATERAL SQUAT JUMPS *️⃣LATERAL ONE ARM PUSH UPS *️⃣PLANK JACKS (feet to Bosu) . . 📌Tag your workout partner! SAVE for later!📌 . . . #tabata #tabataworkout #tabatatraining #highintensitytraining #highintensityintervaltraining #highintensity #fitafter40 #bosuballworkout #workoutvideos #bodyweightworkout #bosuworkout #functionalfitness #bosuball #functionaltraining #workoutgoals #workoutvideo #fitnessmotivation #fatburningworkout #plankjacks #strongmom #fitover40 #circuittraining #cardio #nike #gshock #hiittraining #cardiocircuit #plyometrics #fitmomsofig #highintensityworkout @bosu_fitness
Happy Saturday and happy FALL 🍁 I’ve been waiting so patiently for this weather and it’s finally here! - Started off my morning with this sweaty HIIT session. When you’re itching to knock out both cardio and resistance training, HIIT is always the best go-to! This one will have you sweating, toning up, and getting that ❤️ rate through the roooof! 💦💦 - - Btw, I’m almost positive this is the first time i’ve ever used the row machine 😅(besides for abs). After completing my first round I was like “nah, this isn’t gunna be intense enough” HAH, I played myself. By the last round I was drippin’ and ready to drop a good way 😁 - HIIT Breakdown: 1. 1 min Row Machine 2. 45 sec Squats 3. 1 min Row Machine 4. 45 sec Reverse Fly 5. 1 min Row Machine 6. 45 sec DB Rows 7. Reverse Row Knee Tucks (3x15 to finish, not part of HIIT) NO 🙅🏽‍♀️ REST until all 6 exercises are complete! I did 4 rounds with 1 minute rest in between each round. Try 3-4 rounds as a workout itself like I did, or do this as a finisher at the end of your lift! - As always, bookmark and let me know if you try it out! Have a kick ass weekend fitfam! I’m off to flock with my gulls for #alumniweekend 💚💙🐦