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Luxury Furnished Offices for rent, providing; –Sea View & City View –PACI Number –Internet 3MB –Telephone (Cisco System) –Fully Equipped Meeting Room –24/7 Access Via Finger Print –Establishment Services / Change Address etc.. –Secretarial Services / Office Boy contact 98009181 للإيجار مكاتب فاخرة مؤثثة بالكامل بإطلالة بحرية ، مع توفير خدمات إدارية ، خدمة تقارير شهرية عن الموظفين ، خدمة انترنت ، جهاز بصمة لتسهيل الدخول إلى المكاتب ، غرفة اجتماعات ، خدمة الكانتين ، خدمة السكرتارية ، توفير الرقم الآلي ، خدمة استقبال المكالمات المباشرة او استقبال السكرتارية وتحوليها للمكتب . للاستفسار 98009181
#WhatsNew - 50 CENT SAYS JAY-Z’S ‘4:44’ MADE HIM FEEL LIKE CARLTON BANKS While promoting his latest film Den of Thieves, 50 Cent revealed why he’s been critical of JAY-Z’s 4:44, calling it “golf course music.” “Hip-hop culture is connected to youth culture,” he said during his appearance on “Conan,” before pointing at his suit. “You see the clothes? This is grown-man stuff going on. The kids are going to bring new innovative stuff and he just had the maturity [bleed] off into the material.” The G-Unit General said he’s a fan of the album, despite his apparent knocks. “It’s cool for me,” he added. “In my car, I’m listening to it. But the kids, I don’t see them actually listening to it…He was like talking down to them a little bit, like, ‘I’m up here, baby.'” Finally, he added: “I felt like Carlton Banks when I was listening to it.” 50 Cent and JAY-Z go way back with jabs. In 1999, Fif broke onto the scene with “How to Rob,” in which he fantasized about robbing Hov, among other celebrities. “Jigga just sold like four mill, he got something to live for,” he rapped. “Don’t want a ni**a putting four through that Bentley coupe door.” The Roc-A-Fella boss swiftly responded to those taunts on “It’s Hot (Some Like It Hot)” that same year. “Go against Jigga? Your ass is dense,” he warned. “I’m about a dollar, what the fuck is 50 Cents?” JAY would later explain the friendly competition to Hot 97’s Angie Martinez. “[I told him] ‘I respect the record, yeah, I liked that record, it was hot. But you know I gotta spank you, dog!’ That was the conversation,” he said. “[50 Cent replied] ‘No doubt, do your thing!’ I respect that conversation. It was real.” FLASHBACK FRIDAY! This Friday! 9pm! LIVE! ____________________________________________  MUZIKMATRIX RADIO STREAMING 24/7 - 365  URBAN / DANCEHALL / HOUSE  TUNE IN! KEEP IT LOCKED! SPREAD IT & TELL IT!  _____________________________________________ #Muzikmatrix #hiphop #tbt #fbf #oldschool #throwback #hiphop #rnb #fashion #model #hot #hottest #music #pressplay #NewMusic #50cent. #gunit #hiphop #power #rap #lloydbanks #smsaudio #eminem #tonyyayo #youngbuck #444 #jayz #freshprince #jigga
The Climb and Malibu 💙💙💙 love these songs so muchhhhh @mileycyrus
“This is what people don’t understand: obesity is a symptom of poverty. It’s not a lifestyle choice where people are just eating and not exercising. It’s because kids – and this is the problem with school lunch right now – are getting sugar, fat and empty calories – but no nutrition.” @rishabhbatra._._._ .. .. . . #fitnesslife #healthylife #healthylifestyle #gym #exercise #aesthetics #abs #sixpack #fitnessmodel #dedication #muscle #spor #pt #fbf #inspire #me #fan #core #just #eatclean #liveclean #musclemodel #instagood #beinspired #lifecoach #businessrules #businesscoach #positivity #positivevibesthe #friday
#WhatsNew - DRAKE EXPANDS TORONTO RAPTORS PARTNERSHIP! The OVO-NBA connection grows. Drake is joining forces with his hometown Toronto Raptors for an elevated partnership, which will include charitable contributions and six OVO-themed home games this season. As part of this Welcome Toronto initiative, the Raptors and OVO have pledged $1 million over the next three years to renovate local community basketball courts, according to the NBA. Over the next five years, they also plan to donate $2 million to Canada Basketball. “As this team and Toronto continues to grow, we have seen how much we can do together,” said the 6 God. “Welcome Toronto is about celebrating our team and our city, but also working together to give back to the community and creating a place where the youth of our city can come together to play. These same courts could also potentially shape the next generation of Canadian basketball superstars.” Recently, the Raps unveiled alternate black-and-gold uniforms to match the OVO theme. A court featuring the same colorway has also been unveiled as part of the initiative.  Fans can look forward to six OVO-themed Welcome Toronto games this season, including Jan. 26 (vs. Utah Jazz), Jan. 28 (vs. Los Angeles Lakers), Feb. 2 (vs. Portland Trail Blazers), March 9 (vs. Houston Rockets), March 23 (vs. Brooklyn Nets), and April 6 (vs. Indiana Pacers). Drake has a longstanding relationship with the hometown b-ball squad. In 2013, he was named the Raptor FLASHBACK FRIDAY! This Friday! 9pm! LIVE! ____________________________________________  MUZIKMATRIX RADIO STREAMING 24/7 - 365  URBAN / DANCEHALL / HOUSE  TUNE IN! KEEP IT LOCKED! SPREAD IT & TELL IT!  _____________________________________________ #Muzikmatrix #hiphop #tbt #fbf #oldschool #throwback #hiphop #rnb #fashion #model #hot #hottest #music #pressplay #NewMusic #drake #nba #basketball #ovo #ovosound #bball #TorontoRaptors #lakers lalakers #la #canada #fans #BrooklynNets
Welcome little miss Ariana Denali from Edinburg, TX to the Cutie Patootie family! 💖 Ariana Denali is 21 months and turns 2 years old on April 25th. She loves baby dolls, dancing, and being a silly girl. She has a strong personality, so always gets everything her way. She knows she's the princess of the family. She loves watching cartoons and loves learning new stuff. She loves food so much! @mycutiepatootieshop #
From Austin, TX welcome the youngest Cutie Patootie, Isabella Sofia! 💖 Isabella Sofia is only a month and a half old, but she has quite the personality. She likes to babble, is always laughing (or sleeping) and loves cuddling with mommy and daddy. She’s so attentive and alert and always so much fun to be around! @mycutiepatootieshop #
From San Benito, TX welcome Stella Grace to the Cutie Patootie family! 💖 Stella Grace Villarreal is 13 months old and has such a joyous and happy personality! She’s so much fun and has fun taking pictures! She makes everyone in the room smile! @mycutiepatootieshop #
Also from Laredo, TX welcome Emilia Elizabeth to our Cutie Patootie family! 💖 Emilia Elizabeth was born in September 2017 (making her 4 months old today)! She loves to smile and make new friends. She likes to practice sitting up and playing with all her colorful toys. @mycutiepatootieshop #
From Laredo, TX welcome our newest Cutie Patootie, Emma June! 💖 Emma June is 8 months and absolutely full of love and life. She loves splashing away at bath time. Her favorite is bed time because she knows Mommy will sing to her and daddy will cuddle her. Emma loves to be out and about with Mommy and daddy and she loves sporting gorgeous hair accessories. She is such a social butterfly and greets everyone with a warm smile. @mycutiepatootieshop #mycutiepstootieshop