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A veces es necesario hacer una pausa, mirar al horizonte, conocerse a uno mismo, encontrarse y lograr la paz interior. Asi, nos encaminamos a luchar con determinacion y enfoque por todo aquello que nos llena el alma y el corazon. #mesientobien #feelgood #peaceofmind #peace
✨HEALTHIER MUMS HAVE HEALTHIER BABIES✨ Love that our Natural Vitamin Supplements and Plant based Omega Blend are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mummas 💚 . Hearing such amazing feedback from all my pregnant and breast feeding customers that are using the supplements. . They can help with: . • More Energy • Stop Cravings for processed foods • Improve appetite • Improve all over Health, and less sickness • Reduces the risk of Pre-eclampsia • Reduces the risk of C-Section • Reduces the risk of Premature birth and neonatal admission • Increase baby’s birthweight • Improve Brain development of the unborn baby. . Breast feeding mums are often run down and tired. With Breast feeding the baby gets the nutrients through the milk therefor it’s extra important to keep your nutrition intake up. This can help improve both the baby and the mothers health and can also help improve her energy levels. If you are pregnant, breast feeding, planning to fall pregnant or know someone that is pls contact me for more info. . #naturalvitamins #omegas #pregnant #breastfeeding #babies #mums #wholefood #fruit #vegetables #berries #plantbased #feelgood #moreenergy
🤖ADAPTED RESILIENCE - building a strong base - a solid foundation, manifesting equal and opposite tension in long levers, creating pulleys as hinge points, using angles & geometrics for power. .. evaluate the way you move and finds ways to combat the modern/convenient postures and positions as put ourselves in. . . . 🤖ELEVATE, EXPAND, EVOLVE. . . 🤖To find out more about @foundationtraining and what it can do for you, visit . . . 📸: @omarvelousone
Interesting new study demonstrating the importance of strength training in older adults 50+ in reducing the likelihood of mortality. The study showed that low muscle strength was independently associated with an increased risk of mortality in older adults regardless of their lean muscle mass or other risk factors. Lack of physical activity and leisure time was also associated with an increased risk of mortality regardless of muscle strength. Take home message, include both cardiovascular and strength training in your exercise regime. I know there's a whole lot of you out there who do cardio and cardio only. Try mix it up and get the benefits of both 😊 #fitness #exercise #nutrition #health #strength #training #longevity #feelgood #lookgood #lean #goals #muscle #motivation #research