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Sooo, talking about the womens march. No, I'm not going to sit here and preach how women should get their rights (which btw they do 😉 welcome to 2018!!) but my point now is that I would rather tell you guys what happened rather than just put a bunch of qoutes together. Ever since these pictures and the article made by @emu.cot came out and reposted by @thecityofdearborn page, I had a lot of people that I know and don't know coming up to me and telling me how they too wanted to become something or do something but their families and society told them something else and so thats what happened (2018 who though? 😭🤦‍♀️) This made me deeply realize how much social limitations we put to both genders. We're always excpected to be something and act a certian way. I'm talking about both women and men here!! Feminism isn't just about one gender, it's about both. Equality yo ✌ Imagine if we grew up in a world that treats us all eqaul, and most importantly, with justice!! Imagine if we grew up in a world that it doesnt matter you're gender because the opportunities you're given are eqaul!! Or imagine living in a world where we all can just be, with out any social prisons, limitations, or constructs holding us down... #freedomfreedomwhereareyou #empowerment #feminism #justice #equality #wakeupworld Btw thank you guys so much for all the support lately, means the world ❤
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