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To some of us, writing is essential. But sometimes what used to be essential forever, turns out to be something else in a blink of an eye. It becomes something way different than we used to think it is.. something we don’t understand. Not because we want it to change, but because it has to for we have no hand in things that happen. But today was different, I was so engaged in writing the way that rarely happens. My fingers were typing the words without me even noticing. My brain was happy! Have you ever even thought how a ‘brain’ could be happy? I know you haven’t. Me neither! 🙄🧠✍️ But I knew it today. Maybe because I wasn’t writing to myself, as myself used to. Maybe because I was writing for someone else. Be it happy or sad the things we write about, being able to write always gives a sign of healthiness. But what I still believe in is: there is always some big power beyond being able to write, if it doesn’t exist in the mean time, no pen, no fingers, no brain, no anything can write not even one single word. #writing
My niece is 2, y’all, she sat still and had enough patience for me to paint her fingernails and toenails. Of course she picked her favorite color blue with blue “farkles” (sparkles). 💙💅🏼 #niece #blue #sparkles #paint #nails #toes #fingers