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Check out this gorgeous chippy mantle. It’s waiting for a good home.
My daughter has share day today and I’m sharing this, another view of the Los Gatos Casual living room. Proof that a man chair can be accommodated 🙋🏻‍♂️Happy Friday 🙌
I made these tall candlesticks out of old porch spindles I found on the side of the road (yes, I’m that person), and styled them in a pretty maximalist (for me) arrangement on the mantle. Easy how-to on the blog!
Detail shot of the faux beam mantle we created. I'll eventually have a wider shot of our fireplace when it's decorated ☺️ Also, hello to the new followers who wound up here after seeing our kitchen shared by @thepaintednest We are still in the middle of renovating, so my posts are not super frequent nor are they very decor-oriented YET. We are about to start a busy wedding season (we are wedding photographers!) but I will be posting our slow progress as we complete the many things on our checklist! Thanks for being here ❤️
Good news! I finally found a new living room rug which means my dining room will get my old (new) living room rug! At least that’s the plan...fingers crossed it works out because I am dying to get a rug under this table of mine! Anyone else take advantage of the awesome Presidents Day sales that were going on?