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Why should I carry products to sell to make it in life? What if I can not sell? What if people do not pay? Or afford the products? Should I suffer in poverty because people will label my hustle a scam? What if I can afford R100.00 and jave two friends who has R100.00 and join JamaLife? Is it not better for me to sell wealth or financial freedom opportunity to pepple than stay in poverty? I would rather join JamaLife and earn in dollars, own a car by building a Team with me than listen to skepticals that wont feed my family. JamaLife is only R100.00 Bring minimum of 2 people to join you and they do the same. And earn Whatsapp only: 0761453140 #I choose JamaLife #I am JamaLife #First Car Incentive winner in SA
Saturday i was lucky enough to spend time with some special family.. met my brother @chai_guy_420 and adventured portland, been a long time coming but it finally happened. It was such a fantastic time, we surley cant wait for next time. So many firsts in the books. #firsttimetrainride #firsttimeinportland #first #japanesegardenportland #firsttimeoncitybus #firsttimemeetingmattandmegan #firsttimemeetinglandon #familyiseverything #firsttimemeetingnephew #ohana #8monthsold #jojoandfambamtakeonportland #untilnexttime