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Eles são perfeitos para essa estação ⛄️💦, então @fit_life_alimentacao_saudavel temos caldos para sua janta ficar perfeita e ainda não perder o foco na dieta💪🏻 Opções:🍵🥤 1- Batata doce com frango; 2- Caldo Verde com calabresa bacon artesanal; 3- Caldo de abóbora com alcatra em cubos; 4- Caldo de cenoura com carne moída; 5- Caldo de mandioquinha com carne desfiada. Vendas 18-99610 1807 #alimentacaosaudavel #saude #sucodetox #marmitafit #salgados #caldos #doces #assis #gastronomia #vida #viverbem #comerbem #congelados #fitness #foco #dieta #lowcarb #amor #fitlife
Not every fitness goal is to lose weight! Gaining strength, as this gorgeous lady did, is just as AMAZING 💪💕 . I’m not usually a paragraph caption type of girl, but I stumbled upon the picture on the left and felt like I should share because it’s so near and dear to my heart. The picture on the left was taken two years ago this month, and the picture on the right was taken a few weeks ago. You can see obvious physical differences, but what you can’t see is the mental differences. Two years ago, I was seriously unhappy. I would look in the mirror and think I looked fat. I wouldn’t go out to eat with my friends or family and I’d sit at home and cry because I felt like I couldn’t eat anything. It was the lowest point for me, but I wanted to be a model so bad. I wanted to be glamorized for being so thin even though I was miserable. In the picture on the right, I have gained around 30-35 pounds (I don’t exactly how much. I don’t weigh myself anymore.) AND I am a much happier human being mentally. Just wanted to share because the girl on the right looks in the mirror and thinks she looks thin! Healthy looks different on everyone & it’s important to embrace your own shape and size. You’ll be much happier! 💞️️ ⠀ ⠀ 📸 All credits to respective owner(s) // @maggieisgreene 👥 Tag a friend who'd like our profile Credit: @just_fitness_health #fitnessgear #fitspiration #focus #cardio #determination #trainhard #physique #muscle #fitlife #train #grow #nopainnogain #shredded #deadlift #gains #squats #exercise #gymrat #abs #grindout #instafitness
Definitely did not feel well at all today but went to the gym anyways and pushed thought it. In the end, it made me feel GREAT!! I know it's sometimes hard to get motivated, but you just got to do it! You just got to get to the gym and put in that work! Trust me, you will feel 100% better afterwards! Just a little Monday Motivation for yall!• • • P.s. Too crowded to take a selfie at the gym🤷🏼‍♀️😂 #sorrynotsorry#monday #mondaymotivation #gym #gymlife #workout #workhard #workoutmotivation #fitlife #fitness #fitnessaddict #fitgirl #putinthatwork #pushthrough #workoutcomplete
“Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth.” - Bryant McGill ———— This applies both mentally and physically! Growth takes time and ALOT of patience. Besides my legs, I’ve been pushing relentlessly to work on my back and am so pleased with what I’ve been able to develop.
It's so crazy to me how one persons pregnancies can be so different from one another. With Joelle, I was at the gym 5-7 days per week and had ALL the energy. I'm lucky if I can get myself to workout 2-4 days per week with this baby & all I want to do is sleep😭 I am thankful for the days, like today, where I get a burst of energy to work out or clean our house - but this is definitely a rarity these days. Trying not to stress it & learning to listen to my body's cues of what it needs. #16weekspregnant #fitpregnancy #healthypregnancy #postworkout #2ndpregnancy
🇧🇷 Seja viciado em melhorar sua forma física e mental. Sempre focado em seus objetivos. . . . . . . . . . . . 🇺🇸 Be Addicted to Bettering Yourself, Physically & Mentally! Always stay focus on your goals.