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A year ago I went to my first herbalife STS event that changed my life forever and this month marks a year of being an herbalife distributor! Today, I won the raffle and was prez team for the day! Such an honor and it also made my vision so much clearer! I'm super grateful for this company! I will never regret saying yes! #askmehow #wellnesscoach #herbalifecoach #fitnessjourney #changestartsnow #changeyourmindset #changeyourlife #workingprogress #progressnotperfection #icanhelpyou #selflove #dontgiveup #yourenotalone #letsgrowtogether #letgetinspired #fitmom #fitlife #healthylifestyle #healthychoices #betterchoices #bebetter #bekind #loveyourself #dontgiveup #fueledbyherbalife #herbalifefam #herbalife #roadtosucess #results #igotyou #changinglives
💙✨Blessed to be present, to be standing, to be loved, to be here...simply TO BE...🙏✨ Bendecida de estar presente, de estar de pie enraizada a la tierra, de ser amada, simplemente de SER...🙏✨💙. Agradecida y bendecida...gracias por tanto...✨✨✨✨✨✨✨. #yoginilife #myyogajourney #rootedinlove #standingbalance #realyoga #fityoga #fitgirl #yogamom #fitmom #yogainnature #yogitraveler #gratitude #yogaigfam #strongyoga #fitlife #holistica #cuu #dawn #beautifulplaces #yogagram
Mands and her friends celebrating her 9th bday 🎶🎂💖🎉 #beautifulgirls 💖
What an amazing world we live it!! • Today I completed a The PiYo instructor training! I am now certified 🙌🏻. The training was completed over video chat and we had participants from all over Canada! Being online, I was afraid it wouldn’t be interactive enough or hands on, but I was wrong. It was innovative and dynamic in its delivery so that the information wasn’t only provided but practiced. • PiYo is a program that I’ve been doing for years. It’s a passion! But, I never dreamed I’d become an instructor. It’s just another door that was opened once I become a coach. • I’m always looking to grow my team. If you’re interested in learning more about coaching, comment or DM! #whatcancoachingdoforyou
Today’s run was not relaxing, invigorating, nor empowering. 😠 . It started with a very grumpy baby who refused to take his morning nap. I figured he’d likely fall asleep in the stroller so I loaded up the kiddos and hit the trail. He did quickly fall asleep, but it was too late, his grumpiness had already spread to my preschooler like a bad virus. She then proceeded to gripe about just about everything on our run. “Why aren’t we going the way I want to go?” “Why can’t I listen to KidsBop louder?” “Why are the snakes hiding?” “Why haven’t I seen any elk?”...and on..and on...and on. 🙄 . After our rough morning at home, I desperately wanted a run that would boost my mood and restore my energy. But it didn’t happen. 4 miles was all I could eek out before the baby woke up and the grumpiness multiplied. Oh well, tomorrow is another day. . After our run, I tried to salvage the outing by letting my daughter ride her bike and play at the park. It definitely lifted her mood, and forced me to step back and realize that even though my morning was not going anything close to what I’d planned, the one thing I could try to change was my outlook and how my kids were seeing the day. By the time we loaded back into the car, my preschooler was back to her happy self, I felt more at peace with the day, and the baby was at least no longer screaming at me. . Swipe right for pictures of the outing, and don’t let the cute face of the baby fool you, he was a 🐻 today!...He is pretty stinkin cute though, even when grumpy 😍
Do you need a new workout routine? Do you need someone to hold you accountable? Do you struggle to get to the gym? Do you get to the gym and not know what to do or how to train when you get there? Do you feel intimidated stepping foot into the gym? Are your workouts boring or do you do the same thing every time you train? Have you been doing the same workout since 2005? Do you do hours of cardio? Do you need something fresh and new? Do you want personalized workouts without the Personal Training 1 on 1 price tag? Do you want to workout on your own schedule without having the the stress of making it to a session? Do you want to have access to all your workouts 24hrs a day. Do you want to be able to keep all your workouts for future use? Do you have a home gym or workout equipment, but do not know how to put an effective program together? Do you want 24/7 communication with your trainer for questions and feedback? Do you want workouts that are cost effective Are you ready to invest in yourself? ✍🏼 If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I can help you. I am free via text/Messenger all weekend to answer any and all of your questions, regarding workout plans, exercises, cardio, info regarding my app, anything health and fitness related 😉 9️⃣0️⃣1️⃣ 3️⃣4️⃣1️⃣ 9️⃣0️⃣0️⃣7️⃣ ✍🏼 Check out my page Link in Bio 👆👆 #fitnessprograming #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitmom #momtrepreneur #fitpreneur #programdesign #iglesiasfitness #myapp #gymmotivation #trainhard #strongwomen #nasmcpt
SURE! Some days are pretty rough. We all have those days or those weeks or those months or those years! But ONE habit I started to implement about 5 years ago has made ALL the difference....writing out what I am grateful for, my goals and affirmations each morning - literally it takes 2 minutes and gets my focus in the right place for the day💕 I am GRATEFUL I chose to make fitness part of my daily life. I am grateful I chose to educate myself on health. I am grateful I fell in love with my best friend in high school. Grateful I went to university and worked as a teacher to learn that I wanted to create a life with more freedom. SO grateful I chose to start an online business on the side and work on it everyday for 1 hour a day - at 5am - for years. So insanely grateful I was introduced to personal development through this job. I am so grateful that I stayed true to my future goals rather than let the fear of peoples opinions keep me back. I am MOST grateful that this hard work allowed me to leave teaching to be with steve and our future family more. Grateful it allowed me the ability to afford our starter home and now be building a dream home! And I am so grateful we figured out our infertility and now are #7monthspregnant ❤️🎉🤰🏻 ....I didn’t do anything special or anything HUGE! I just made tiny decisions that moved me forward and opened up the opportunity for the next tiny decision. What decision have you been putting off? Just make it! Don’t make it such a big deal or worry about what will come next. Someone out there has made that same decision in the past - learn what they did afterwards and go do the same! We often are so scared to make a decision because of a) what ppl will think of us = I am sorry you just need to get over that...b) we won’t know what to do next = this just isn’t even legit because you are not the first person in the world to make this decision😊💕 The worst case scenario you picture in your mind isn’t really so bad is it!? What if you imagined the BEST case scenario!? You got this ❤️👊🏼