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Sometimes you just need a cozy Saturday in a cozy sweater and your favorite cozy leggings. . This is the first Saturday in forever that I have been able to sleep in and just be at home. My boys Football ended a couple of weeks ago and although last Saturday was spent out adventuring with the’s sometimes nice to just be home. . I got caught up on my plies of laundry, my dishes done, my lunches all prepped for the week, emailed some of my wonderful clients and worked on some big exiting stuff for you guys along with that Free offer coming out soon. . Basketball will be starting in a couple weeks for my kiddos and the busy Saturdays will be back in action. I really don’t mind the constant busy schedule at all, it’s all about finding that balance for you and your life. Some days I feel like I’m juggling a thousands different things trying not to let it all drop and others it goes smooth as ice cream and I get it all done. . My anxiety use to kick in high gear when I felt overwhelmed and like I could not get everything done. I’d lay in bed at night going over my long to do list, stressing myself out and going into the next day already defeated. Now I have a system in place and it’s been a game changer. . One thing I do is I no longer call it a “to do list”, I call it a “things I get to do”. This creates a more positive mindset around my day. I also don’t put pressure on myself to be perfect and get it all done. I give myself credit for all I did accomplish and move on from there. . So how did you spend your Saturday? How do you balance your schedule? . I Hope you all had a beautiful day 💕
Leg day today with! As usual, we work hard and kill it at the gym! Here's a little taste of what we did today: I had to suffer doing the Bulgarian spilt squats by myself but I actually like them a lot. You're def gonna feel the burn in those quads. Thanks to @edfeliciano93 for the good advice on these and sorry, I will take off the sneakers next time! Lol. Another one we tried was curtsy lunges. I haven't really incorporated them into my workouts so I thought we should try it and I didn't mind it at all! Def need to improve on them though. Leg day def wasn't my favorite but it's becoming something I like more and more as I continue to improve. From the pic I took, seems like them booty gains are coming along so I must be doing something right. Lmao #legday #fitness #fitgirl #fitlife #strongwomen #hispanicwomen #hispanicwomeninfitness #healthywomen #womenworkingout #exercise #workout #health #bodypositive #strengthtraining #healthandfitness #healthyhispanic #booty #bootygains #quadzilla #fitnesslife #nysc #harlem #progress #lovethegym
Can’t replace the bread and butter movements! But Isolation movements play very important roles as well! Always switch it up 🙌 - Are you following the Daily Pump? This exercise is part of the workout that I'll be posting tomorrow on the site. Link in bio - Standing double arm cable kick out- Using the cables themselves without grips attached. Controlling the negatives with full pauses on the max stretch and full contraction! - Form tip 👉 Angle your arms out and down from your body instead of straight down to your sides! Make sure the cables are lined up with your upper and lower arm. Can't go to heavy on these, but when you limit upper arm movement you don't need much weight at all! Crazy hard and crazy good contraction on these guys! - Shorts, tank and beanie by @cliffordLenox - Give this exercise a shot and tag me if you decide to post it! You may wind up getting featured on my page 👀 - #oregon #fitnesslife #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessmodel #fitnessmotivation #progress #healthyeating #believe #healthyfood #igfitness #workout #fitlife #triceps #armday
10 miles today. 1st mile was a warm up at 11 mins. The remaining 9 miles average about 8:35/mile pace!!! Are you kidding!!!! Half marathon in about 3 weeks. Hoping I’ll be able to hit 13.1 at about 9 minute mile pace. Time will tell! Praying my hip is in good condition tomorrow! It feels good now so hopefully that’s a sign. #iam1stphorm #1stphorm #legionofboom #1stphormathletesearch #bethe1 #wedothework #duespaid #mytransphormationstartstoday #summersprint #fitnessmom #fitmom #fitnessblogger #runner #halfmarathon #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessjourney #fitnesslife #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitnesswomen #fitnessfirst #instagramfitness #iifym #cardio #beforeandafter #transformation #fitnesslife #iifym #iifymrecipes #fitnessgoals #fitnessbody #fitnesstransformation
here’s your daily reminder that being smaller doesn’t make you better, it doesn’t make you happier, and that diet culture sucks. this hit me hard + i couldn’t not share it with you all. remember that being you is your greatest power, regardless of your size 👊🏼💗✨