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Who do I LIIFT4? ME!!! I liift because I’m psychically able to, and I want to inspire those who can and more importantly give hope to those who can’t 💕 Health is SO valuable. I think we really take being able lift a 5lb weight or even walk for 15 minutes without feeling winded for granted. It’s not about being skinny, it’s not about fitting into a certain size - it’s about being about move to TAKE CARE of yourself. So proud of myself and my team for completing week #1 of our coach test group! We’re such rockstars!! 💁‍♀️ Now onto week #2 - but first REST DAY!!! 🙌💪 #fitflock #liift4flock #coachlife #fitwife #fitwifehealthylife #newlywed #georgialiving #bossbabe #sparkleandshine #healthiswealth #sweatingforthewedding #sweatingforme #soreaf
Starting is hard. . Re-starting is hard. . Giving up is HARD...when you have a #girlgang of women supporting you, encouraging you, reaching toward the same goals, pursuing the same lifestyle of health. . If you need to start, reach out. If you need to begin again, reach out. If you need people in your life that will NOT let you give up on yourself...REACH OUT. . You can do this. You are brave enough. You are confident enough. You are strong enough. And I’ve got a group of women who’ve GOT YOU if you don’t believe those truths yet. 💪🏻💕 . . . #healthyandfitmama #healthywifehappylife #fitwife #fitmom #momstrong #momoftwo #arizonamom #arizonaliving #arizonafitness #pastorwife #empoweringwomen #onwardsisters #liveonpurpose #liveyourbestlife
Dear @joelfreemanfitness, I truly apologize for all the mean and hurtful things I said to you during the last 40 mins of my life. 😬 I’m sure one day I will thank you, but right now i’m going to curl up into the fetal position and hope that i can walk tomorrow. oh, and an IV of recover will be good right about now. 👍🏻 all jokes aside - I doubted this program. I didn’t think it was possible to only workout 4 days a week for 30 mins and see results. 🤷🏻‍♀️ let me tell you something, the first week is done & I already feel more toned than I was a week ago. PLUS, my nutrition hasn’t even been the best. I can only imagine what will happen in the next 7 weeks when i really hone in on my nutrition and lift heavier. 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 ready to stop watching and join me? send me a message! i’d love to hear about your goals ❤️
Another weekend of travel, it will be worth it when we are there and the 5 hour car ride is done! I got a new blog post done with my car time and some updates to my website! I really like the website changes and would love you to check them out! Link is in my bio!
The look on my face says it all! Leg day is usually my FAV, but I was on the MAJOR struggle bus 🚌 today! Regardless, got it done and am soooo ready to head into the weekend!! . Cheers to all you out there getting it done even when you don’t feel like it 👊🏼
Me doing lots of things I couldn't do 76 days ago. I'm going to start another 80 day journey. I want to invite you to join me. Comment below or message me if you want to know more about this program than has made me stronger and healthier than I ever thought I could be.
I was thinking about my journey 😳 I feel like I was Fit in High School. I ran track and cross country, I felt good! Truth is I had horrible eating habits. At that point I was young, thought I could eat anything and I'd just run it off. Well it alllll caught up to me 4 years later! The weight just kept piling on. Along comes a bunch of problems. Insecurities, body image issues, lack of confidence...AND medical issues. Long story short story lol I finally got some control back. I haven't fully undone all the damage BUT I'm not perfect, I'm a work in progress! I'm really proud of myself. It was tough, but so worth it! 100lbs down and Gone! THIS, this is my part of the "why" I became a personal trainer. Because I GET IT! Been there, done that, still going. If I can do it, so can you! Let me know how I can help you! #fit2fat2fit #fittofattofit #strongisthenewskinny #noregrets #transformationtuesday #motivation #athlete #runner #weightlifter #fitchicks #fitmom #fitwife #momswholift #crossfitter #crossfitchick #coach #personaltrainer #accountibilitybuddy #nomagicpill #hardwork #dedication #exercise #eathealthy #balance #macros #wonderwomanmommie
About 8 weeks apart from left to right 🙏🍑👌🏻💪🏻 squats are good for you... lunges, too! #squatsfordays