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“Let us go forth with fear and courage and rage to save the world.” Grace Paley After a day of house hunting and trying to recover from jet lag, I was looking for a little inspiration for an upcoming scene and came across an old favorite author of mine. Grace Paley was a poet and activist with incredible intelligence and, well, grace. Her work seems almost more apropos today than when I first read it. If you’ve not read any of her works, take a gander. She’s insightful and eloquent and quite an impressive human being.
FOR TWO DAYS ONLY books one and two of @authorjulieanneaddicott’s Curse of the Fallen series will be FREE on Amazon. So if you haven’t already don’t miss your chance to check out this amazing author! Here is part of our review for Steel book 2. Check our blog to read it fully. ***************************************** “Their passion burns brightly and sets the pages aflame. Each kiss secretly begging for more. The vivid details help to bring the story and characters to life. She writes emotions so beautifully you get dragged into the chaos. I got swept up in the adventure and never let go. The twists take you on a rollercoaster of emotions with not a dull moment. The imagery created envelops you and truly sucks you into a scene. The pacing is great and all the elements seamlessly blend together. A deliciously addictive read it kept me begging for more at each turn. I would suggest reading Flynn first to get the full background of the story. I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys paranormal romances and people with shattered souls finding their redemption in love.” - Morgen ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #upallnightbb #curseofthefallen #julieanneaddicott #free #sale #ebookfreebie #Flynn #Steel #paranormal #romance #suspense #adventure #pnr #poetrywithwords #addiction #curse #broken #shattered #remade #love #anyonecanfindlove #booklove #blogger #freebooks #amazon #birthdayfun #September23rd #happybirthday
So today marks 1 year since we adopted our little furbaby son Flynn and brought him to his forever home! Since then he’s blossomed from a nervous little boy to a happy, confident little man cat and has gained a little sister to play with 💕 he was the start of me and Dec making our own little family and will always have a special place in our hearts for that 😻 happy Adoption day Flynn! #disneycatsofinstagram #flynn #flynnandrapunzel #adoptdontshop #ourboy #ourfurbaby
The world has somehow shifted. ☀️
I'm where I meant to be ☀️