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As I sit here an look at this sign, I reminisce. I reminisce on my life, my families life and all of the trials and tribulations that one and the entire family goes through in their lifetimes. The up and the downs. The good times and bad times and of course the good times. Lots of them! 😊 I think about all the bumps in the road that I hit while getting to where I am at and how those bumps shaped my life and my families lives. Am I grateful for those bumps? Hell yes! You got to have them for they make you a better, wiser and educated person. At least that's my humble opinion. And of course having God in my life is HUGE! I am blessed there! ♥️ If not for him I would not have what I have for it is from him I have. Now I'm not trying to preach religion to you for that has to be your decision to have him in your life not mine. Just wanting to tell you a bit of my trials and tribulations and having him "in my corner" has truly been nothing but miraculous. On this Friday, just remember what the sign says in this picture, no matter what is going on in your life, "Home...Where our story begins. #home #lifesjourney #family #love #life #trialsandtribulations #happiness #inmycorner #blessed #forever #humble #familystory #bumpsintheroad
Hoy llega tu día, la peque cumple 30. Me encanta formar parte de tantos momentos de tu vida y que tú los formes de la mía. Espero poder seguir formando tan buen equipo durante otros 30 más (como mínimo) y que siempre sigamos haciéndonos reír tanto. ¡Felicidades, amor! 😘😍 #cumpleandrea #viejoven #los30 #love #loveyou #friends #forever