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We've all been there, buddy.
Paleo fried chicken from FRY-day. I brined these legs and thighs in pickle juice and hot sauce, then dregged in seasoned gluten-free flour, and then deep fried them in beef fat. The pickle brine might sound crazy, but it just keeps the meat moist and adds a bit of funky flavor. It soaked into the thigh far more than the leg though, and I must admit that pickle brine didn't end up being ideal for fried chicken. It's more thin and watery compared to the more traditional buttermilk, so the flour dreg didn't stick well or build up enough to create that classic friend chicken crispy crust. It still tastes and looks great! But not quite the recipe for the perfect Paleo fried chicken of my dreams. #Paleo #glutenfree #picklebrine #funkyflavor #friedchickendreams #Paleofriedchicken #fryday #beeffat #beeffatrules
HAPPY INTERNATIONAL BURGER DAY... I hope yours is looking something like this///Who? Butter. Where? Surry Hills, Sydney. What? Cheezus Sandwich...Crispy fried chicken thigh, double cheese, lettuce and honey mustard./// Crispy, juicy, cheesy, spicy. Simplicity at its best. Do I need to say anymore? 💯