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Every once in a while I get a bit carried away experimenting with unique movement variations combos. Sometimes they sound better on paper than they are in real life and other times they end up feeling even better than I could have imagined. My latest experiment combining the Wishbone from @purmotion_official & @go_exxentric falls into the latter category as the movements felt remarkably smooth and natural yet brutally intense & effective on the targeted musculature. Here I’m demonstrating a several movements alongside my awesome client and national figure competitor @lpetchlee1 . Although it looks a bit crazy the setup is surprisingly easy and user friendly. Simply anchor the KBox pulley to the mounted Wishbone (via any sturdy nylon strap) and you can literally perform dozens of variations all of which I highlight in my full-length article (link below). Just beware as these combinations produce unprecedented levels of eccentric overload, muscle damage, mechanical tension, and metabolic stress making them top tier options for eliciting functional strength & hypertrophy in safe and effective manner. It should also be highlighted that these are probably the most joint friendly and spine friendly squat variations I’ve ever performed with the KBox. That’s not to say that the KBox is unusually harsh on the joints and spine, but simply that whenever intense eccentric overload is present particularly with vertical force vectors, there’s naturally going to be more tension to the surrounding structures. However, because of the unique angular force vectors involved with the Wishbone & landmine station, the muscles receive just as much stimulation and eccentric overload, albeit with less stress on the spine and joints. You can also get 10% off any piece of PurMotion equipment by visiting their website & using code DRJOELAHP at checkout. @bjgaddour I think you’ll dig these as I know you love PurMotion products and the Kbox.  Definitely follow BJ as he has an incredible page. Learn more about PurMotion training tools & the KBox on my website at LINK IN BIO or copy paste
Planking like superman 🙌🏻
Constantly you gather yourself to plan another adventure for the weekend. Well we hope you get to go out there and enjoy what life has to offer. Would you rather be in a picture where you are sitting in front of a TV or like the posted picture on an adventure? Make the change and take charge of your fitness. If not with us then with someone you trust, as long as you get your fitness addressed. Either to upgrade your fitness or start one, either way we can help you on your quest. Now go out there and Get Some!
Today’s Training portion is focused on strength work through volume and moving non-stop. How did you like it? #GOLDSFIT
The sandbag front squat is a great way to switch up your lower body training day. The load of the sandbag adds a core component to this exercise, making it more difficult than your typical goblet squat. Make sure to reach your elbows forward and sit back on your heels to maximize the effectiveness of the movement. Give it a shot the next time you’d like to train your legs and abs all in one movement! #bostonnorthfitnesscenter #functionalfitness #fitnessmotivation #fittips
Congrats @restorerehabwellness and @orafityoga in your opening of your world class facility!! Happy to have you become a retailer of Travel Roller! ✅ Foam Rollers Are In! ✅ . . Super exciting to announce that we are proud carriers of the @thetravelroller . . Dr. Sarah Forster and Coach Rafal love teaching patients the value of soft tissue release using the foam roller and help them integrate it into their daily routine towards pain free movement. . . Feel free to ask the front desk staff if you'd like to purchase one! . #chiropractic #chiropractor #sportsmedicine #mobility #flexibility #movement #sportsperformance #rehabtime #surreybc #vancouver #southsurrey #langleybc #massagetherapy #doctor #deadlift #massagetherapist #chiropractoradjustment #rocktape #physicaltherapy #functionalfitness #functionaltraining #surrey #lowback #naturopathicdoctor #naturopathicmedicine #naturopathic #naturopath
🔥⚡️FULL BODY HIIT🔥⚡️ “RUNNERS HIGH WORKOUT!!” 😉 . I work out because of how it makes me feel and how empowered I feel after...everything else is secondary! Once I shifted my mindset the physical changes started taking place. (I used to weigh 280lbs!) I try to use the word “diet” selectively, because it’s a lifestyle change that one can sustain that I’s about FEELING good....not just looking good! Exercise is so beneficial in releasing endorphins....which trigger positive feelings in the body...aka the term “runners high!” I guess I thought I’d share my version of a “runners high!” These can all be done without equipment. Air punches and kicks instead of to the bags. If no bag or tire to flip you can substitute by doing a broad jump/squat jump. 40 sec for each exercise, 20 sec rest! I set my timer for 45 minutes and kept repeating! We all have “down days!” Every. Single. One of us, myself included! Get moving....FEEL better! . SIDE PLANK KICK (each side) PLANK WALK/2 PUNCHES SQUAT/PUNCH (No equipment option air punch) JUMPING JACKS (can be done on a tire, step. No equipment option Jumping Jacks) BAG FLIP (can be done with tire. No equipment option Broad jump/squat jump) JUMP ROPE . Move your body! Think out of the box!! 📌TAG your workout partner! SAVE for later!! 📌 . . #fatburningworkout #tabata #tabataworkout #tabatatraining #highintensitytraining #highintensityintervaltraining #highintensity #workoutvideos #bodyweightworkout #workoutanywhere #functionalfitness #functionaltraining #workoutgoals #workoutvideo #boxingworkout #kickboxinggirl #bodyweighttraining #runnershigh #fitmomsofig #fitover40 #circuittraining #cardio #fitafter40 #endorphinrelease #hiittraining #fullbodyworkout #highintensityworkout #homeworkouts #bodyweighttraining
Hockey has unique elements within the sport that need to be trained. During the season intensive sessions are few and far between to ensure players stay healthy and maintain and increase aerobic capacity and overall strength. Maintenance is the key. With that in mind understanding proper energy system training and how they apply to not only the sport but the timing of the season (ie early on, week before road trips, mid season and playoff runs) is extremely important. If you play hockey in Prince George having a coach who has been through the riggers of multiple high caliber seasons as well as the knowledge to implement the correct protocols to ensure advancement in performance and longevity, then look know further than @opexprincegeorge We offer Personalized fitness and personalized fitness for teams. If you want your athletes to achieve the highest level of performance we are the place for you. Optimizing performance for athletes in Prince George. #performance #sport #hockey # #inspirethroughfitness #opexfitness #youthdevelopment #functionalfitness #youthdevelopment #teamtraining
You’re invited! Here’s the schedule for Saturday’s Launch Party event 🚀Make plans to come bye and see what we have to offer. We can’t wait to see new and familiar faces. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #2days