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In 1874, the schooner Annie M. Peterson (Photo 2) was completed; she weighed 630 tons and was 190 ft in length. Then in 1881, the schooner Selden E. Marvin (Photo 3) was completed; weighing 587 tons and was 174 ft in length. The final character was the wooden steamer C. F. Curtis (Photo 1) was built in 1882 at 532 tons and 174 ft long. The two schooners would serve their careers well into the 1920s with nothing of note to happen. The steamer would, in 1887, be rebuilt; now she was 691 tons and 196 ft in length. These ships were, by 1914, becoming economically inferior, but still kept their majesty on the Great Lakes. They would soon find each other together in November when the two schooners were under tow by the steamer. This was a common practice, but at this late in the year, it was a risky endeavor. The ‘November Witch’ usually made her appearance when lakers are suppose to be laid up for the winter. Some ships are enticed to make a few more final runs with promises of bonuses on their pay, for many it would be their last. The Curtis, Marvin and Peterson headed out onto Lake Superior in early November, but soon found a fierce blizzard bearing down on them. The 7 man crews on both Peterson and Marvin were at the mercy of the 14 crew on the steamer Curtis since they were under tow. The towing itself made for headway to be sluggish and difficult. Cold, blinding snow weathering the old ships until the wind and waves became too much to take on. On November 19th, all three ships were driven aground seven miles east of Grand Marais, Michigan. Not even Steel freighters could withstand a gale’s beating, let alone wooden ships, and they began to break up. Either because no one saw the trio run aground or because help did not arrive in time, there were unfortunately no survivors from all three crews. The intertwined fates of Annie M. Peterson, Selden E. Marvin and C. F. Curtis is one not often told when storms of the Great Lakes are discussed, but is remembered here.
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