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I am royalty , I am great , I am a winner , don’t let anyone ever tell you WHAT should work for YOU , once you understand you can handle anything 🖐🏽🖖🏽🤟🏼🤘🏼 where them 🖕🏼🖕🏼🖕🏼 go .... 🕺🏼 if she 🥤 @liltunechi .... #grantcardone #garyvee #lebronjames #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship #inspire #inspirationalquotes #inspirational #inspiration #visionary #prophet #hustle #success #selfmade #selfawareness #selfmotivation #motivationalquotes #motivation #motivational #artofwar #positivevibes #leader #hardwork #underwearmodel
🤑 Traveling Doesn't Cost You... It PAYS YOU! . 💯 Fact: If you live in a "first world" country, your rent, cell phone , grocery bill & car note make you a millionaire in 98% of the world . 🔑 My first year travelling, I spent $15k FOR THE YEAR on living expenses & lived like a King . 🙌🏽 Eating out every meal, massages , maid, driver, translator, I even hired a security guard & Nanny (no kids.. just for me lol) . 🇺🇲 Compared to when I was living in America, I would spend $50k a year on living expenses & feel like I was broke all the time . 💰 That's a difference of $35k in savings AND a higher quality of life . 🔑 I repeat: More cash & live like royalty . 🤑 I had experienced an extra $3,000 of monthly cashflow which allowed me to invest in the following: . 🏆 Executive assistant to make my life easier 🏆 Advertising to buy leads 🏆 Consultants to help me figure out what the heck to do 🏆 Softwares needed to grow my business 🏆 Digital Courses & Self Study Programs for knowledge 🏆 Buying E-Mail lists to mass market . 💯 If I was living in America, I wouldn't be able to make those kinds of investments without severely lowering my standards of living. . 🌎 Instead I embarked on a world wide journey that has grown me as an Entrepreneur & Man.... All while living like a King 👑 . 😎 Ready to trade your ordinary life an go on a once in a lifetime adventure? . 👇🏽 Comment "adventure" and my assistant will send you the link for my FREE Master Class👇🏽 . ⭐ Talented Mr. Salas ⭐ . #talentedmrsalas #digitalnomad #entrepreneur #bali #ubud #canggu #travel #realestateinvestor #realestateinvestors
Something to reflect on — why do you do what you do if you’re only going to look for shortcuts or the quickest way to do it? Whatever you continuously invest your time in should be something you truly enjoy doing even when they come with inevitable challenges - whether that be a sport, a business, etc. I’ve mentioned before that the JOURNEY to getting where you are striving to go is truly where all the wisdom, character building and gems of life lie. Don’t cheat yourself by looking for a shortcut in your endeavors. If it’s not a journey you want to fully be apart of — maybe you’re invested in the wrong thing. It makes no sense at all to have one foot in and one foot out — Be all in or be all out. // Enjoy your day + week ahead! 🙏🏽✨
Everyone falls , it’s how you get up 🧗‍♂️ mountain ⛰ it truly is a mindset .. nothing in life is forever accept a life sentence and taxes , nothing’s ever permanent so take it easy , you can either look 👀 at it half way filled , or half way empty , but this is a marathon , understand and learn yourself and execute ... get it done ✅ 🏄 🦍🃏 #leader #inspire #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #inspire #inspirational #visionary #prophet #hustle #success #selfmade #selfawareness #selfmotivation #motivationalquotes #motivation #motivational #artofwar #positivevibes #garyvee #grantcardone #lebronjames #60secclub #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurship #newyork
Focus on quality 🌟 In today's world it seems that everyone is competing on price, and as Matthew Thomspon, the creator of Best Of Belfast will tell you, it's a competition you're never going to win. No one is. So focus on upping the quality rather than lowering the price 👑
Always do what’s right; this will gratify some and astonish may. Just remember things may seem tough for now but later in the long run, you will be better off. ✨💯 _ What’s would pick? 🤔 _ #choices  #confidence #motivatethyself
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