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Bonnie Vom Beni 25 months old F: Riko Vom Beni M: Monica Vom Beni
Roni Vom Beni 20 months old F: World Champion IFR 2017 kenzo Vom Hause Simba M: Suzi Vom Beni
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Rott’s Sierra’s Hio <> Hembra Rottweiler 7/6/2013 Propietarios: Dario Mejia y Diego Melo Criador: Diego Melo Padre: JCo. Jk'sg 12 Vice-SG 13 Noris von der Krone HD(-) ED(-) BH ZTP Madre: Gora von Strebel HD(-) ED(-) #rottweiler #colombia #rottsierras #rottie #perros #ipo #tabio, #chia #accc #adrk #ifr #akc #sexy #campeon #rottweilers #rottweilerpuppy #breeder #champion #workingdog #germanrottweiler #criadero #k9 #trabajo #cachorros #rottweilerofinstagram #dog #rottweilercolombia #nikon #d7200 #rottweilerclub Rott's Sierra's - Oficial | Facebook rotts_sierras ( @Rotts_Sierras) | Instagram Rott's Sierra's ( @RottsSierras) | Twitter
Sometimes you don’t tell anyone about your decisions because you don’t want to hear their opinions or hear them try to talk you out of it. I’ve been going back and forth in my head on this for about two years now. I convinced myself I didn’t want a puppy, at first. I wanted a rescue who was a little older but none of them were the perfect fit for me and I had a right to be picky about this! Then a friend and coworker of mine, whom I trust, bred her two full blood German Rottweilers. I had met her first dog, Bronx, before and fell in love with him instantly. I jokingly said “If you get a girl and breed them, save me the calmest one.” Well almost two years later and I was like “No but for real now.” She sure as heck saved me a calm little boy! Thanks Ashley 😉. I wanted a protector and a best friend. Being good with cats, small dogs, large dogs, and children was a must. I wanted a dog without any triggers. I felt a strong need to take care of something or someone. I wanted to mold my perfect dog. I’ve trained dogs before. I’ve dealt with puppies. Over the last several months I’ve kept quiet about my choice due to negativity from someone close to me. I didn’t wanna hear it again. People act like I didn’t grow up with big dogs and don’t know what I’m doing because I’m the crazy cat lady. I learned that small dogs just aren’t really my jam. The fosters I had have been adopted and I felt that this was the best choice for me. This is Tyrese. He’s named after a character on The Walking Dead who seemed intimidating it was actually a giant teddy bear and protected the children with his life. Ty is everything I could’ve hoped for in a puppy. 💕 #rottweilerpuppy #germanrottweiler #TyreseBoston