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DELOAD WEEK came a bit earlier due to getting a bit sick after my trip and not getting enough rest because of a three day shoot I had in Mumbai. I'm doing it now because my body is already a bit weak and this rest will do me well rather than pushing myself at the gym when I'm not feeling 100%. . . So normally my training cycle is about 4-5weeks. And @awesammy and I make sure to progress each passing week through many ways; adding sets, more reps, heavier loads. We do this up until the 5th week - where I'm pretty much failing at every exercise (now I don't mean failing at 1-3RM, I'm talking about failing in the 6-15 rep range) and then I'd take a deload post that. . . . So what exactly is a deload? It means that you take your training slightly lighter, maybe workout a little less, and generally ease things back. (it typically lasts a week.) . . You can deload a bunch of ways from switching exercises to reducing intensity. The way we're doing it is... reducing the volume. So for example: If on my last week I did.. 175lbs on deadlifts for 12reps for 4sets this week I would perform 175lbs for 6 reps for 2. . . . After that deload week I'm mentally and physically prepared to get back to the gym full force. Aaand I'm cheesin extra hard cause of the increase of carbs in my diet.
Only one person guessed correctly! BONDI BLUEEEEEE is dropping this Friday along with some more amazing colours that i May or may not sneak peak tomorrow ...! THIS FRIDAY We releasing 6 colours - BUTTERNUT (mustard), DIRTY CHAI (tan), POISON IVY (green), BONDI (LIGHT BLUE) POWERADE (BLUE CAPRIS ) & PURPLE RAIN ... 😆 to keep posted make sure you watch my Insta stories and use CODE “NADZ” at checkout for discounts🤩 @stopit_i_likeit #tights #blue #bondi #yass #booty #scrunch #leggings #fitness #sport #girlstuff #getit